Awesome online street racing game!!

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  1. WTF are you typing about :shrug:
  2. I agree... 90 just types out his butt sometimes :rolleyes:
  3. that game that we play, the game that this thread is based on... there releasing the new version tonight. so everyone will have to switch to the new version.. our points from the game and our cars will not transfer. i have been talking to the mods and others in the chat rooms to confirm. theres nothing anyone can do, its a Start over point.. everyone will have to pick up and start over... and i stated that i was pissed, cuz i have a gt500,challanger, chevelle, and viper all fully loaded with about 100k in points.. it means nothing now, after tonight everyone will have zero cars, zero points.. as the new version comes out we'll have nothing at all...
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    There's nothing on the game home page or on the site home page about it. :shrug:
  5. so everytime a new version come out everyones stuff gets wiped out to 0?? how do these people get all these vehicles and all this money...i have been playing i kid you not about 8 hrs today and i got a fully modded silverado and about 4k in the back.... i have no idea how to make big bucks...?

    and i couldn't wait to get added so i made my own group its T-N-A Motorsports anyones welcome to join:SNSign:

  6. i talked to a few mods tonight and they said its not a new version it will be a new game all together they are working on..and stuff wont be able to be transfered ...our game will still be there and we will have whatever we have right no worries guys:D
  7. lol whos that challenge too?
  8. 90Mustang_GT50
    he keeps taking all of my money. all i want is to get rid of this mini and get a mustang!
  9. Now hes going to decline it. I'll send grey50 a text message tomorrow and see whats up.
  10. lol.....
  11. thats .052 off of dial-in jgt... not too shabby. But how often can u re-create it? :rolleyes:
  12. but look at my r/t! i don't think i'll ever be able to re-create that again.
  13. i got a .002 once and only once and i got a 300 point bonus for havenig a perfect light did they give that to you??? :nice:

    i want to buy a mustang but these 300 point test and tunes are not adding up to no 30,000 lol i will have to play for like a year...:mad:
  14. it was a challenge to 90Mustang_GT50, and he doesn't give bonus points.
  15. ....? i can make money with my group i made??....well i dont have any members lol but if i did? im confused
  16. so they must have gotten in trouble with the car names i guess? the focus is now the target, the challenger is now the contender, ranger is now the forester, etc, etc
  17. yep pretty lame lol i was looking in the used car lot and was like what the hell are
  18. hey guys my name is meangreengt on the game. Send me some challenges if ya want. The ranger is dialed in just about perfect so its my bracket car and the mustang is not much of anything yet cuz i just got it last night so it isnt dialed in to be a bracket racer yet, but if ya have 11 sec heads up i might be willing to run it. Once i get some more traction then it will be good to go :cool: Which group should i join? I figured probably OGs since they are outnumbered?
  19. good luck getting in i waited forever...then i made my own group:D

    your the guy that kept taking all my hard earned money last night i helped fund that mustang your sporting.....

    i find this game so hard with my laptop:( i can hit perfect numbers in tunes and then i do challenges or tourements and i always break out...and if i happen to have a got time i red light:mad: