Awesome online street racing game!!

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  1. yup that was me that was :chair: you last night :D . The ranger is just about perfect i am not going to mod it any more it hooks up perfect every time so it is a great bracket car. Yesterday i was within .04 every run, but today for some reason i keep breaking out by a hair so then i lower it and run slower so i am just inconsistent this morning i guess. Of my losses only one is a true loss. The other 2 my comp decided to freeze the screen right when the lights started :damnit: so my reaction times were like 15 sec and 20 sec lol. It happened 3 times last night but on one the guy broke out so that was nice lol. Now i am going to win some $$ to put in the stang and see what it will do

    ps if you didnt figure it out i am also MeanGrn Gt from sn95forums... i figured you put two and two together last night
  2. so you wanna run title for title lol:D
  3. whats up with sn95forums:( there was no real warning ....i wonder when it will be back up..?:shrug:
  4. Ya i know matt said he was gonna email before doing anything but he never did. I wonder if he is having problems switching over or what. I might ask him how it is going if it aint back up today... You redlight again. lay off the mountain dew or something lol. ill run ya for titles, bracket race the ranger. Pry make more sense to put up a chunk of $$ instead though :) Then id pry break out lol ill have suspension and slicks on the stang soon so we will see what i can do with it then
  5. lol i couldn't handle loosing title for title :owned: lol but check out my new rides i got some connections:cool: well the hatchback also but i dont think i want that lol they got a limited edition 2003 mach 1 only 5 in the game i was talking to one of the owners he wants 15 mill !!!!!!!!!!:bang:
  6. installed windows vista last night, and now i can't play! it says "Unable to initialize DirectSount"
  7. you probley need to download the new version.
  8. new version of the game? i did. everything was wiped from the computer when i put in vista
  9. i seen something about limited edition cars but i didnt know they had a mach 1. That would be badass... im just a couple $$ short lmao i got the 05 over 1000hp so thats good. just got a few little things before there is nothing left to mod. Then ill start saving for eleanor. I will accept the challenge soon to run for the rights to the paint scheme lol May the best man win (you didnt jump did ya :rolleyes: )
  10. lol if your accepting the one i sent to you i had a pretty good run and fortunite for me no
  11. So was all progress lost with the new version?
  12. no mine wasnt

    they said when the new game comes out though we wont be able to transfer out stuff over...unless your a gold member
  13. i just got bant from this Game For Trying to race a cavy heads up for titles in my viper
  14. yeah that game got old quickly lol....everyone wanted to run titles for my cars and i would keep declining everyone so i never had races... i could dial in 20 test and tunes and have it dead nuts then go to a tourney or accept a challenge and bust out:mad: i havent played it in forever!
  15. this was my 1st time playing in 2 weeks.. and i got bant...
  16. lol did you try doing it to a mod or something lol how did they find out or whatever...did you take the guys ride or didn't it go as far as racing?? did a message pop up saying you are banned good bye lol
  17. I haven't played since they updated. I was going to offer point or something to those that play, but I figured everyone else (like myself) as got bored of it.
  18. yeah i can sent the game to the recycle bin... and then empty'd that $#!^.. im offically Done.. i dont have any time for that anymore.. i gotta make real money.. not fake points!...