Awesome photoshop pics

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by ChrisXoxide, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. Looks like you have stumbled apon vyto2's website. He does excellent work. He has pictures all over this forum.

    I'm sure he doesn't mind a free plug though :p
  2. Nice pics :nice:
  3. DAMN!!! That dude's got some crazy skills!!
  4. and a helluva lot of time and his hands
  5. that guy has some amazing skills! the mustang looks awesome!
  7. Awe shucks guys, thanks... :p If you remove the 14 from the index you go to my concept versions... :D
  8. vyto2... those Mach 1's just make me :drool:. if ford does anything like that I can gurantee you it will be in my garage ASAP :nice:
  9. very nice looking stangs :nice:
  10. I guess it's in Ford's hands now....soon enough we'll see what they do with it....but I'm not too psyched about it.
  11. My apologies about forgetting to post credit. I wasn't claiming as my own, just posting what I thought was a very interesting find ;)

    "If you should re-post any images from here elsewhere on the web,
    Please give an acknowledgement to Vyto P. "
  12. (When I first came across the site, the pictures seemed to attract my attention so much so that I didn't even see that top line actually...)

  13. Chris on an unrelated note. I am going to be building a computer soon and your website has some pretty neat looking stuff. I may have to get a tower from you.
  14. Order it now, it'll take 17 years to get there :)
  15. Elaborate please. :shrug:
  16. Skills? Yes he has some...I just wish he (vyto) would give more credit to chazcron
  17. Good point about chazcron, I'll take care of that on my site... ;)