Expired Axles, C-4, Shifter, Etc

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  1. (6) convo pro's with skinnies street tires and slicks--1000

    (8) 92 Stock 5-star wheels w/ tires & slicks -- 1000 (ET Drags & ET Streets)

    strange axles with c-clip eliminators--250---SOLD

    T-5 Scatter shield--150

    Performance Automatic- C4 with rev man valve body.--500--SOLD

    B&M hammer shifter--100--SOLD

    351W Edelbrock upper and lower RPM intake--250----SOLD


    willing to trade for some stock seats

    Im in the Yorktown, VA area

    email: [email protected]
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  2. ALL parts came off car in last year while at Kurgan Motorsports ( Atlanta area)

    Goin to pick up car next week. Can post pics after I pick them up.
  3. pics of rims here. 4 more 5-Stars at Kurgans shop

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  4. more pics

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  5. Howuch for tge c4? How
    te="PACKIN, post: 8740482, member: 8733"]more pics[/quote]
    How much for the c4 ?
  6. $500. That includes the convertor (stalled at 3000 rpms on my setup) and the scatter shield. If you need me to ship, whatever shipping and insurance will run. Are you close to the Savannah area?
  7. Transmission w/convertor , shifter, and pedal sold.
  8. Cam & Intake SOLD
  9. Still looking for seats
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