Axles For Rear Cobra Disk Brakes

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  1. Hey everyone

    I know this topic has a lot of posts but the info is all over the place. I am planning to switch to all wheel disk and 5 lugs. I have questions about axles. Here’s what I want to use.

    Foxbody 8.8 rear
    I have factory cobra mounts for calipers
    I will get Rear cobra rotors
    I will get Rear cobra calipers

    My question is , what axles do I use? I have 31spline 373 already which I would like to use.
    Do I get sn95 length 5 lug axles Or foxbody length 5 lug. I want to get 17in 03 cobra rims or 17in bullet style rims

    I see posts about people having to cut the brackets and rotate sides and mount them on the inside of the axle housing instead of the factory mounting. I wouldn’t want to do all that. Any info would be appreciated

  2. North race cars sells the mounting bracket for using cobra rear brakes on a foxbody. You will then need the foxbody length 5 lug axles that they also sell and lrs also sells foxbody length 5 lug rear axles. I have personally done this swap at least 6 times on various projects.
  3. Awesome. So since I have the factory mounting brackets for the sn95 cobra , would I still need the north race brackets ?
  4. Depends on the wheel offset you intend to use.

    Factory cobra brackets? 94-98 SN95 axles

    North race car brackets? Fox lenght 5-lug axles.

    The difference is about 0.75" where the sn95 axles will stick out more than the fox axles. Youll need to pay attention to wheel specs in the rear due to this.

    Do you have a wheel picked out?
  5. The factory cobra brackets , I bought them off someone parting out a cobra, I got them cheaper then the north race brackets. Was this a good thing to do ?

    As far as wheels , I want to get 03 cobra 17in wheels or bullet style wheels like your picture.
  6. If you are thinking 17x9 and 275 width tires, sell the cobra axle brackets on eBay and buy the north race cars brackets.

    There nothing wrong with the cobra brackets it just limits you on wheels. Sn95 17x8s fit quite well with them. But a 17x9 might stick out.

    My car with the cobra brackets, 17x8s and 255s. It's right in the edge. A 17x9 would stick out. You could compensate with deeper backspacing but your wheel selection is more limited.
  7. Ok that explains a lot. Now what would happen if the brackets were cut and installed on the inside like I saw a few places done? What axles do you run? Foxbody or sn95?
  8. If you do that, you run fox body 5-lug axles.

    Some vendors offer them with an SN95 style hub flange. That allows you to mount the disk rotor without the need for a spacer (fox axles are usually set up for drum brakes which havebs smaller rear hub)
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  9. Ok thank you!
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  10. You could do the brake bracket mod that I’ve seen on here. My 85, which I’m disassembling has this mod. I just had surgery on my left hand or I’d take some pictures. You take the left bracket and put it on the right axle and visa Versace. The brackets are cut to allow them to slip over the housing. I wouldn’t do it if you’re going to track the car, but works good on a street car. This car has had them like this since 2008

  11. That’s what I am planning to do.

    My rear currently has c clip eliminators now, I’m going to try to modify the brackets, and get the new axles and press on the old eliminators and bolt it up.

    Why do you feel that it’s not a good option for the track?
  12. If you think about it you’re weakening the bracket by cutting a good size chuck out of the middle. I would think repeated high speed braking might not be a good thing. Unless you live in DFW, you probably wouldn’t do the same level of stress on them during normal street driving. If I were to track the car I’d get the North brackets.

    My opinion is worth what you pay for it

  13. Makes sense.

    I was planning to weld it back together but I don’t race the car on the track anyways. Just wondering.
  14. 1653D687-22E6-464A-86E3-0D4912B58DF5.png 48AEA793-AE68-4F7C-A1A3-F7845CE5D968.png 7F427238-9B84-470A-B897-5F6F8A4BD001.png 29332AE1-A899-4402-A734-7128F73D3962.png Ok so chiming in here, I am looking to go five lug swap, full disc. So I’ve seen ppl with similar 18s whether the are CCwheel of esr wheel, I really like these. I’m not in a rush but I’m wanting eventually get the change going. Anyways, I have been told as Long as the off set is correct fitment is no issue. I’m clueless with this stuff but these are what I want and I’d like them to fit flush like up above or close. Is there a certain brake, axle, spindle etc set up I’d need to use vs any others I’ve seen talked about?
  15. Are these something I should be looking for if I want to do the 5 lug swap by parting it all together vs buying an SVE kit. Also if I wanted to go say Baer or Wilwood which I’ve seen on LMR but seems like there is a lot missing, do you have to already have a 5 lug set up, and just need to have the axles and spindles like these?
  16. Yes, you will want those. They appear to be the 94-95 versions and that's a good price
  17. Ok so maybe I’m just plain dumb but what else would I need to complete the front set up and have them attach besides rotors, pads, calipers. Also if I did run this set up will I have any issue running these rims I post above or are there only certain rims I can use with this sn95 set up? Thanks
  18. Calipers, pads, rotors, brake lines, dust shields, balljoint spacers, pass side brake line adapter and that pretty much covers the front setup.
  19. 1ED13DD9-7576-44DE-8F9C-53F42BDC0B86.png
    Could I use this Kit with those SN95 spindles for front rotors and is this set up decent for the rear? Or can I not use this on my 91 gt? I know they are 11in front rotors or is going with the 13in cobras a better deal
  20. You could use it. problem is next time you need rear rotors, you are buying 1993 cobra rotors and looking for a machine shop to redrill them.

    Personally, I'd stick with matched factory setups. Sn95 front, and rear. You can go to any auto parts store and easily buy rotors, pads, hardware, slide, pins, clips, etc and have it commonly available since it was a 10-year run of Sn95's.

    You can buy the complete kit for a Cobra or GT for not that much more and have calipers and everthing you need. Either will work for the 13" fronts. I usually say guys who might have to DD their car in wet conditions might want the GT rear brakes vs cobra. Too much brake in the rear is not necessarily a good think on a light, non-ABS car.