[B]Anyone running a Zirgo Electric fan?[/B]

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by freakintiger, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. I am looking at getting a Zirgo 3300 cfm electric fan and temp. control kit off ebay. Anyone running this brand? I'm either going to get a Zirgo or a Black Magic. My 'stang is running a little hotter than I'd like in the hairy Va Beach traffic! :notnice:
  2. I just found what your talking about and I would say no.
    Find a taurus 2spd fan ($25) and the autozone controller ($18.99)
    That will leave you $100 cheaper which is enough to find a used aluminum radiator off ebay. :nice:

  3. 351, what year Taurus, and would I have to fabricate brackets? I'm not running a stock rad, but the Summit 2-row alum. for Mustang that just came out.
    Thanks for the info! :nice:
  4. late 80's-early 90-'s 3.0/3.8. lot of headgasket problems and a fan that didn't help with those problems
  5. Would I just have to splice it in to my fan's existing harness? I just saw several of the fans you're talking about on ebay, even a brand new fan motor for cheap.
    What do you mean about the head gasket problems?
    Any electrical instructions would help.

    Thanks! :D
  6. I'm not sure would the most effective way to wire it into the system is. Mine will be wired completely seperate from anything else on the car with the exception of a kill switch so I can turn it off when I go to make my run.

    The best decription I've heard of that fan of high speed was from Bugzturbo on turboford. "On high speed, I'm pretty sure its enough to lift a small child off the ground." :nice:

    those V6's are notorius for having headgasket problems so there are a pile in junk yards. I payed $100 for an 89 Taurus running with 47k miles. I fixed a water and sold it for a very tidy profit. :rlaugh:
  7. Thanks for the great tip 351, I'm going to get with my brother and Dad who know electrical, and check this out. Found a good unit on ebay I'm watching, it's at $5.50 with 48 hrs to go. Looks like I can save some bucks! :nice:
  8. ok definately worth at least $10. Let me know exactly which one you buy an dI can also help you with the wiring. I probably have a ford service manual for that car.