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  1. ok here is the problem...i have new d.s.s 306..x303 cam...vic jr. heads...and intake...24# inj...255lph pump etc...full length headers...1.6 roller rockers..i am having problems with spark knock...its almost like it is backfiring...if you give it gas while idling then let of and gas it again it will backfire...and the car doesn't seem to have power.. i tried lowering the timing to 10 degrees...same thing...then i went to 12 and on to 14...the wierd thing is that the car runs better if i go up to 16 to 18 degrees...by the this is with pulling out the spout then setting the base timing to these numbers...i don't have a chip yet...but i know it should run better than this...my question is could the timing be different since its an x cam...and could the TPS cause this kind of problem...the o2 and act and ect sensors are all new...thanx :bang: :bang:
  2. You might be a tooth off when you put the dist. back in. Also check the fuel pressure,
  3. my fuel pressure is at 38psi...i don't know...i am thinkin about driving it off a f***ing bridge... :bang: i can't figure out whats going on...i also keep thinking it might have something to do with the valve lash adjustment...i did it like they said but maybe i was off...the whole exhaust tone of the vehicle sounds off...its louder...maybe my plugs are fouled??? or gapped to close?? I need more help guys :nonono:
  4. Can someone please help me...i have more info...the car runs better if the base timing is at 20 degrees...i don't understand why the timing can be so high?? it should be WAY to far advanced but its not...i think i am off a plug on the cap...maybe??// i dunno i need some INPUT on this guys :bs:
  5. Call DSS and see if they can help :shrug:
    Even though you put the cam in they may be able to help.
    Just tell them that you know a lot of people that are looking into DSS for their next engine and customer service is an issue :D :nice:
  6. That is :bs:

    xxPredatorxx -- are you using a "calibrated" MAF to allow for those 24# injectors? The stock GT EEC expects you to have 19# injectors installed.

  7. I agree with HairyCanary, there is not such thing as a tooth off. The only problem with being a few teeth off is that you might not be able to advance or retard the timing enough because of the plug wires limiting it. It doesnt matter where you put it in as long as you can turn the distributor enough to set your timing.
  8. i know that...i mean maybe my number one plug wire is a nobb off from where the cap is firing...and thats why its reading that its advanced more...??????? hell i don't know...yes i have a 75mm Pro M calibrated for 24#...i just got it 2 months ago...i can't figure it out...please help me:)
  9. Your gonna need to put in a lot of timing so it will idle with that cam until you get a chip burnt. When I installed my e cam I had to put aroud 16 base unitl I got my Tweecer. Put timing in until it starts to ping when you drive it then back it off about 2-4 degrees.
  10. i don't think thats going to work cause i had the timing advanced to 20 base...i wonder if the msd box should be unplugged before i try to set the base...i don't know...let me know...thanx
  11. Yes, definitely unplug the MSD before setting the timing. That is known to interfere.

    (I just got my MSD 6AL yesterday, and I've been researching old threads, and I distinictly remember seeing that it should be disconnected when you set the timing. Apparently it doesn't *always* interfere, but it's common enough ...)

  12. ok i will try that...it just seems wierd that it can take so much timing to me...i mean i can set the base to 20 degrees and it will run decent...the pistons have been dished for high lift and boost...so maybe thats it???/ AHHHHHHHHHHH haha...i want to blow the damn thing up its so frustrating...
  13. Call me old school, but in the old days (LOL i'm only 20) you just advanced the timing until it pinged and then backed off. If the motor is asking for it then give it what it wants.
  14. It might be just me but it seems that 24# injectors with only 38psi seems to low try stepping the pressure up to about 42 or 44
  15. I know this sounds stupid, but have you double and triple checked your plug wires to make sure they are going to the right plugs? I cant count how many times Ive seen friends cars act like yours after some mods. Having 2 wires crossed gives the same symptoms as what youre describing. Sometimes its something really easy and stupid that makes us pull our hair out :bang:
  16. Who installed your cam???

    Are you sure the cam is installed properly, using the aligment marks???