B heads, Composite IMRCs, COPs, and more

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  1. I have several items left over from an engine I pulled from a 1998 Mark VIII LSC. All the items are in good condition and have not been cleaned yet. I will clean the items before shipping. I will take returns for 10 days after the items are received by the buyer if there is a problem. The buyer will be responsible for all shipping cost. If more pictures are wanted of an item PM me your email. I'm in West Palm Beach, Florida. Local Pick is welcomed.

    Pair of B heads and valve covers. $250 OBO plus shipping. Valve train and gasket surfaces in excellent condition. One valve cover has slight damage.
    Damage to valve cover visible near where bolt goes. Rubber grommet still seals.

    Composite IMRCs in perfect condition. $100 OBO plus shipping. I will include the control box for free. One of the cables was damaged during the pull.

    Coil on plugs. $50 obo plus shipping.

    Upper and lower intake manifold for B heads. Bolts and gaskets included. $70 OBO plus shipping.

    Water pump. $20 obo plus shipping. Shaft has no play and bearings make no noise. O-ring is in good shape.

    Alternator. $50 obo plus shipping. Shaft has no play and bearings make no noise.

    Starter. $35 obo plus shipping.

    AC Compressor. $40 obo plus shipping.
  2. BTW I've been on Stangnet since '02 but can remember my old handle. Maybe a moderator can help me out.
  3. Price drop:
    $180 for heads and valve covers. Shipping is aprox $40 per head so figure about $260 shipped. Local pick up is preferred.
    $40 for the upper and lower intake.
    $70 for composite IMRCs and controller.
  4. Here's whats left:
    • B heads $250 Shipped
    • Composite IMRCs $85 Shipped
    • COPs $55 Shipped
    • 98 Mark 8 LSC upper and lower Intake Manifold and bolts $60 Shipped
    • 24 lb injectors $55 Shipped
    • Mark VIII Oil Pan $120 Shipped
    • 80mm MAF $60 Shipped
    • Dual throttle body (97-98 Mark VIII) $60 shipped
  5. If these heads are still available within the next week and a half, 2 weeks, I'll pick them up. They'll be good for my boosted 4v I'm building. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with them?
  6. Ya theyre solid. Came put of a 98 lsc that was t boned. I'm using c heads for my build but these are good for forced induction. Keep in mind I just visually inspected them. A machine shop should check the gasket surface for flatness with a strait edge and a valve job would probably be a good idea. Pm me if you want them.
  7. Did the car run when you pulled it apart.

    Will you take 35 shipped for the coil on plugs to norwalk,ca.Thanks
  8. I need the valve covers and the imrc plates alone. PM me a bottom dollar on both.
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