[B] Here's pics of red fire 2005 Mustang coming out of MT Intl.Auto show[/B]

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  1. Here's pics of red fire 2005 Mustang coming out of MT Intl.Auto show

    Here's pics of the redfire Mustang GT coming out Motortrend's Intl Autoshow

    in Charleston Center in Charleston WV :D here's the link http://photos.yahoo.com/insn95 is under mt intl auto show
  2. It looks like you need to make the gallery public
  3. Thanks got it fix now.
  4. Sweet lookin cars!

    Nice website, wish I can be a part of you guys!

    Happy stangin!

  5. Sure just e-mail your info. about your Mustang you are in the club.

    you get bi-monthy on line newsletter & pics of you car on the yahoo photo website and club website here http://clubs.hemmings.com/lmmustang

    more pics are coming :flag:
  6. I got more pics now of the 05 Mustang GT& Models from the show like The Toyo tire girl :D
  7. What's up with the mentally challenged looking dude and why are there a bunch of hot babes hanging around him?
    <img src="http://forums.stangnet.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=17997&stc=1">

  8. He is me :rolleyes:
  9. Nice babes! :eek:
    I'd like to give them a trim... ;)
  10. What'd it sound like?

  11. The 4.6 V8 sound great ,it sound like the Mach1 does the guy was drive it petty good burn outs in the parking lot before put it on the turck, I got in it goose the gas in the GT ah man it feel so good and seats are so nice better then GTs .

    I can't wait get mine :spot:
  12. Hey vyto2 here's pics of the Toyo tire girl Autumn http://www.teamtoyo.com/pit/models/image_Autumn.asp?pic=5 I talk to her about half hour, because,

    all the guys were over see the Coors light twins and Dodge race car driver #40
    She and Toyo tire girls will be at Nashville at the Mustang 40th Anniv.:D
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  16. She hot in person too! She love 05 Mustang GT :flag:
  17. sounds like the perfect girl :drool:
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  20. Oh Yes,