[B]Kill Switch Install -Fox Body[/B]

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  1. Any one out there ever install a kill switch in their stang or have any suggestions. I'm sure any pro theif can hotwire an 88 mustang, I'd sleep better knowing she was safer. Thanks in advance!
  2. On 87- 91 cars the fuel pump relay is under the seat. Cut the red/black wire going to the fuel pump relay. Splice a 16 or 18 gauge wire into the wire and connect it to one side of the switch. Connect the other side of the switch to the other end of the red/black wire going to the fuel pump relay. When you are done the switch should be in the middle of the spliced red/black wire that goes to and comes from the fuel pump relay. Using the inertia switch side of the circuit allows you to use light gauge wire and light duty switches. There is less than 1 amp going through the circuit, so you don’t have to worry about voltage drop across the wiring depriving the fuel pump of electrical power.

    Wiring diagram for 86-90 cars is next
  3. Awesome, thanks for the quick reply and detailed advice. I'm definatly installing this on saturday. I feel better allready.
  4. Get a quick-disconnect steering wheel. Cant go too far without a wheel.
  5. Not, you can clamp vise grips on the shaft and steer it that way. I know people who have done it. :rlaugh:

    Just use that basic info and be creative and original. One could interruprt that inertia switch in the trunk of a coupe, then the thief would have to break in there too. something that is gonna take him alot of time to find is good, he doesnt want to fiddle with it till your dog barks and you wake up. He could end up with some extra holes in his body that way. :D
  6. they could always have one too.
  7. I cant see someone steering with visegrips, Im not sayin it cant be done but I just imagine it would be a pain in the a$$. I just said it because I know someone who lives in an apartment in the city and doesnt have a garage or driveway and hes never had his car stolen (with a disconnectable wheel). It was broken into but never stolen.
  8. Ok, I went out to actually put the switch in, and I can't find the red/black wire. What seat is it under? Drivers-Passenger-Rear? Also, is it in another location because my car is a convertible?
  9. The fuel pump relay & red/black wire are under the driver's seat. You will need to remove the 4 bolts that secure the seat in place to gain access to it.
  10. Excellent!!! Just the info I was looking for....

    Thanks!! :SNSign: