B&M, MGW, Steeda Shifters...please chime in.

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by OregonMustang, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Looking to get rid of my stock shifter and put a short throw in...

    I'm leaning towards the MGW t-56 short throw...anyone have any favorites?

    It would be nice to hear from someone who has tried the MGW and the B&M short throws...and or a TriAxe...

    Thanks a ton! :cheers:

    And what is the website with the killer replacement gaskets for the shifters? He makes them and sells them online think he is stangnet guy not sure...

  2. I got the 5.0 with the mgw adjustable handle with it and love it. But just for comparision, got it from a guy that went to the new MGW shifter. Got me mine cheap, but right now I think the majority of the people that have the MGW like it better. Do think that abou anything is better feel than the stock.
  3. :stupid:

    I have the exact same setup, Pro 5.0 w/MGW adjustable handle. Works great and I really like it but.... I got to sit in another Cobra and row through the gears with one of the new MGW T-56 shifters and it is SWEET! If I had to do it all over again I'd go with the complete MGW T-56 setup.

  4. I threw the MGW on my '01 (3650 tranny) a few weeks ago. I could not be happier with it! I didn't think there was anything wrong with my stock shifter, but now that I have a comparison I can say I would have swapped it immediately had I known then what I know now. Never shifted one of the others, but shifting the MGW leaves me no reason to try.
  5. The new MGW shifter is hands down the best shifter on the market right now...I used to have a tri-ax, and while it's a great shifter, the MGW I have now is so much better in shiftability, smoothness, strength, shorter throw, and has no more tranny noise...I've recently had a chance to drive a car with at Pro-5.0 and while it too is a good shifter, it's not as good as the MGW...
  6. I have the mgw shifter and the cobra bob gasket. I dont remember the web site but if you go over to svtperformance.com you will see his thread. I love the mgw, I use to have the upr one but this one blows it away.
  7. +1 for MGW
  8. MGW is by far the way to go, just put mine on yesterday and got rid of my hurst short throw.
  9. http://www.stangshiftergaskets.com/
  10. Yes, MGW rules!
  11. I am happy with my MGW,

    One thing thought, I have to guide the shifter into second sometimes ( with some push to the left).

    It occasionally buzzes the 2nd gear on the 1st shift into second when I don't drive it for a while. After the inital shift into second everything is butter, and I can hit 2nd no problem.

    I have never missed a shift at the track, and have never missed third.

    2nd is my only problem, and it is likely my T-5. :shrug:
  12. I have the B&M ripper and its the biggest POS in the market dont waste your money.
  13. I replaced the stock shifter with the MGW Short Throw with the longer (Blue) handle, I'm very pleased with it. I don't have any experience with the other manufacturers to compare it with, but I think from all that I've read that it is the best choice by far. Guess that means my vote is for the MGW. All their parts are first class, I have most of them installed on my Snake.
  14. Went from the Tri-Ax to MGW and couldn't be happier :nice:
  15. uh you do realize the blue handle is the shorter one. the red is longer.
  16. Triax with MGW

    woo hoo ... installeld a steeda triax (96 Cobra) with steeda handle for a week ..... read all the posts about how noisy it was..... removing all the rubber bushings ... .you will see why.... loved the feel of the shifter ... didnt like the noise..... installed the mgw handle .... 99% of noise is gone .. and i love it.... drove a buddies 03 with the stock shifter ... missed 3rd .. oops ... felt like i was in a school bus.... :nice:
  17. OOPS! Yeah what he said, musta been color blind, I did install the red handle.
  18. I'm not going to lie they give you a rubber bushing to put with your rubber boot, it doesnt get much better than that!
  19. rock on dude that's it! Cobra bob!

    Thanks man yep ordering tonight
  20. that bites

    LOL sorry for your loss my friend...thanks for the warning.