B&M, MGW, Steeda Shifters...please chime in.

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by OregonMustang, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Thanks all I think it's MGW short throw T-56

    I really appreciate all your information....especially tom's_03SVT :rolleyes:

    All responses excellent ...placing my order for a cruiser red T-56 short throw shifter with a composite anodized cobra logo shift knob. :)

    NICEY NICE! :flag:
  2. Good choice. I have the blue handle and gasket and you just can't go wrong with MGW!
  3. i have used the pro 50, that was good but 2nd gear felt real bad, now i have a b&m and it feels a lil better into 2nd but not quite as good from 2 to 3. but overall, they are all better then stock, and ya i wished i had some other shifter buy my ripper does just fine i guess. im not gona plop down another 200 bux haha
  4. $200 ???

    Well they are only $174 ....I got a custom shifter as well so that brought me up over $200 for damn sure. Intresting I'm putting money into things like shifters and suspension first...then add power.

    I want to learn to handle the car better....it feels a little squishy when hitting it hard...lots of body roll. Anyone got any good suggestions on how to stiffen the frame up a bit...or the suspension?

    Hell I paid extra for 2 day delivery! LOL

    Thanks :)

    Eric :nice:
  5. I am very happy with my setup,so far. it is a 97 though, but they probably make the same stuff for your car. I still need sub frames, and control arms, but you can only do so much at once. I was going to get a tri ax, but It seems that MGW is the way to go. The only other things I would look in to are more adjustable shocks and struts, illuminas are great, compared to stock, or coilovers, you never know what you might need to do in the future(tires and wheels). Good luck
  6. A friend helped me install my MGW short throw shifter yesterday and I have a few questions.

    1) When in neutral, if I pull to the left, it stays there. When I push to the right, it comes back to the center when I let it go. Is this normal?

    2) When accelerating, I have accidently gone to 2nd gear when trying for 4th on two occasions already. Is that just something I'm doing wrong or could there be something wrong with how we installed the shifter?

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  7. Something doesn't seem right there...I'd take it back off and make sure that when the shifter is off that it's hard to press to the left...if it isn't hard to push then maybe the spring is bad inside and you need to send it back...Also make sure that shifter ball cap is back inside the transmission where it needs to be...

    I'd get a hold of MGW too, the owner is really helpful to all questions and he'd definately be the one to see if something is wrong...
  8. Great feedback...both of you...I should have mine by weds I think...or mabye thrus..I will take some pics and post if you want :)
  9. I recently swaped out my tri-ax( a friend was lookin to get one and i was lookin to get a new shifter) for the mgw with the blue short throw handle. I thought it could not get any better than the tri-ax but man was i wrong. The mgw is such a quality piece it is amazing. this thing shifts so smooth it is almost effortless. I highly recommend it. I also like thier shifter knobs. i bought the composite race knob with the snake etched into it. Great grip and great looks!
  10. not to get off the subject but mgw makes alot of other cool stuff. My favorite is thier engine compartment dress up stuff, a little pricy but its quality stuff!
  11. i have the steeda tri-ax and i love it. had a pro 5.0 ditched it...hated it.
  12. Yeah buddy! I got the exact same setup...blue handle...composite snake...heheh

    Mo Betta Bling!

    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  13. What? They do....like what?

    I ordered some satin door locks....cool...I'm not into the polished bling...but anodized or satin..nice :)

    I'm a black coupe...so I'm thinking red or blue would look killer! hmmmm tough one...*scratching head*....Ahhahhahhh I can't decide....Red Billet or Blue... :lol: :lol:
  14. OMG.....!!!! This thing ROCKS!

    I can't believe how killer this shifter is!

    I'm loosing my freaking mind! I have never been able to shift so fast in a car in my life. It's just wrong... :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    I love it!

    A killer mod and it was done in just under an hour....well to the point of taking her out and testing her out.

    Question does anyone swing thier handles towards the driver? I did this and it's wierd ...easy really quick low gears..but then the angle makes it harder to hit the higher gears....but hey...I want the low gears!

    Rock on! Thanks everyone I freaking LOVE IT!

    Excellent MOD!
    :spot: :spot: :spot: :spot: