1. So I went to get more beer. The wife is with me. I see a nice primer gray 67.5 mustang. It sounds decent. I say "Honey, does my car sound better than that car?" She says "That car sounds meaner." :mad: Does that mean I can spend more money on mods? :shrug: I think it's akin to "Does she look better than me?" There is only one right answer to that question, and so it goes, there is only one right answer to my question... I feel the need to be compensated, in the form of nitrous and rear gears... and maybe some heads while I'm at it... and a new intake...
  2. Hah... hey, you're lucky... most girls want a nice, quiet car with shiny looks.

    But yeah, I believe that's the A-OK to buy more mods.
  3. I drove a friends 05GT this weekend and my GF came along for the ride. Afterwords I asked which she liked better, mine or the 05. She said mine because it makes more noise and its faster :D
  4. damn, I gotta get my wife on the bandwagon here...
  5. well, just order some long tubes, a shorty H, and a more agressive catback (like a Loudmouth if you want, a magnapack, or bassani street comp), then when she gets mad just say "honey, you hurt my feelings the other night with that heartless comment, this is the only way I'm gonna get over that."

    I doubt it will work, but at least you'll have a new exhaust system!
  6. :lol: my girl loves my car, but hates when I work on it :D

    one of two things will happen... either she'll get used to it OR... i'll be single again
  7. yeah..my girlfriend wants to take MY car everywhere becuz she says it makes her "feel sexy." whatever floats her boat! but when im workin on it, she throws a fit. haha..gotta love women
  8. Yeah they're NUTS! :fuss:
    Sometimes my GF makes me want to do this ---> :bang:
  9. Get rid of that B cam and get a X303. That should do it.

    Or disconnect your MAF plug. That will make it idle nice and rough.