[B]SCT TUNE ???? What The Heck Happened[/B]

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  1. SCT Tune ??? What the heck happened

    I was just reading about the eec reflashes and all and the wonderful differenes they could feel and I am still a little bit mad about what hapened with my SCT tune a couple days ago.

    I went and had a sct dyno tune and had them reconfigure for 3.73 (worked fine) and I had them fix a/f ratio cause I was running rich (worked fine) then I had them shut off o2's for no cats (worked fine) THEN after everything working fine - all of a sudden when he started to tune to get more power - timing adjustment etc... - it wouldnt work. Everything he did - the car didnt like. He ran dyno after dyno with different combos and in all couldnt' get more than 5 horsepower more.

    what the heck. - 5 horses?

    he seemed about as confuses as I was. He ran 9 - thats right 9 dynos trying different things to get it to accept it better and nothing ever worked. He said the only thing that he could think of could be that something else could be restricting it so that it didn't let him get the power. I dont know what he's meaning there and I really dont know what that could be.

    Anyways he didnt charge me for the tune part - just the chip and dyno and work time - but I'm disappointed - I now have a chip but no power advantages.

    Any ideas on what could have happened
  2. Maybe the guy bumped his head???

    Seriously though, where did you get this tune? It wasn't one of the SCT guys, was it?
  3. Where did you have the work done?
  4. You are trying to compare real world numbers to a butt-o-meter. I had two different tuners try to tune my car in the past 2 years both couldn't get more than what the factory tune could make. They were able to fix other issues like the things you mentioned but fact was the stock tune was nearly dead on. Some cars however are way off so they will pick up some power. Really though on average a bolt on GT does not need a tune to pick up power the stock tune just isn't that far off.

  5. What are your mods? You can't expect to pick up too much power with a tune unless you NEEDED a tune. On a stock car or bolt on car, you shouldn't expect much of a power increase. Every car reacts differently. I'd say anywhere from 5-15 (not likely) rwhp could be expected from a NA tune.

    It's not that the software is not working, it's just that your stock tune was already very close to optimal.

  6. Hey Ken, How about if you add a Bullitt intake? :D
  7. [QUOTE='01 Steed]Hey Ken, How about if you add a Bullitt intake? :D[/QUOTE]

    Still won't matter much. When you are dealing with a MAF system, the computer can handle changes such as that without a tune. The computer will read more air and give it more fuel. No need for a tune.

    What you do with the tune is command a leaner A/F and more timing and that is where the power comes from. At least when you are talking about tuning a NA car as compared to the stock tune.