[B]Smog Pump Delete, Worth It?[/B]

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 89notchfox, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. Smog Pump Delete, Worth It?

    I was wondering if getting rid of your smog pump is really worth it? Do you really pick up that much power? And will you pass emissions if you don't have it? Is there a kit out there that you can buy, or do you just have to re-route the belt? And what size belt do you have to go to after it is gone?
  2. No you won't pass emissions. If you pull the smog pump you have to pull the cats. A lot of guys put on an off road h or x pipe and put the cat pipe back on for the emissions test. You can pull the smog pump and just put on a smaller belt. The size depends on what accessories you have. Or you can buy a smog pump delete and run the belt you are currently using.
  3. you can jsut dump it, but the the belt will make a hard turn and be really wrapped around the crank.

    you can get an idler pulley if you don't like that, but thats all i did was dump it.

    i lived in MI when i dumped it then moved to cali.

    it did not pass w/ no pump, long tubes and off road.

    but it was close, i am almost positive that w/ cats it would have been fine on the sniffer, but not passed the visual inspection.

    kit...no, the idler pulley if you really want it , yes.

    power..not really

    weight....maybe 12-15 lbs ???

    belt size i forget

    other stuff to do...remove the y-pipe and all the other crap that runs off the pump and ties into the exhaust and back of the heads.

    this alnoe makes it worth it, because now both sides of the heads are really really ez to get to.

    the weight savings is just a bonus.
  4. I actually think i remember a little difference, but i knew the car very well at wot, so, i think most people wouldn't notice because it was a small difference. It simplifies the engine compartment, shortens and reduces drag on the belt, and gets rid of weight. you won't pass emissions if they check for it, but some people know how to get the sticker without it.