"B Springs" raised my car

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  1. Hey guys i just got done putting on 3/4 of my B springs and mach1 shocks n struts and well, my car is sitting higher than before. I have a 2004 mustang GT. I put the rears on this morning no probs, then i got to the fronts and they were a PITA. They only turned out to be maybe 1/4" shorter than factories and we had a HARD time getting them in sense they were so tall (took over 4 ours to do just driver side)
    so now were done with that side and it's too late to start other side, i didnt' measure before n after but i did take pics of before, and after i was through with rear (too dark to do pics of front side now) but here's my pics of the rear, it doesn't appear to have dropped any (the front side was the one that was raised)
    Well here are the pics, you be the judge. Any advice? thanks for the help
    -edit- i have pics but it says i don't have access to upload them :(
    i have 6 pics, all about 115k, zipped them up @ 935k if i could send them to someone and they could post them i'd be greatly appreciative
    (i know ya'll love to see pics anyways :D)

  2. You might just need to wait about 2 weeks for the springs to settle. I lowered mine with B springs and it actually lowered more than I expected. Mine is a 96 so it does drop a little more with my year model compared to yours. shoot me an e-mail [email protected] and I will post your pictures. Here is one of mine with B springs so you can see how low it is:
  3. Springs wil settle some after about a week or so
  4. To the original post I have to ask why?
  5. Your gunna have to be more precise with your question, you want to know y i ......
    Y I put on the lowering springs? To drop my car just a hair and to help it handle a lot better, if that was the question, y does anyone drop their car?
  6. You ll have to wait till you do the other side before you can have a good look at the final result. Right now, the side you havent done is keeeping the other side from dropping. Keep in mind that B spring will give you about 5\8" to 3\4" of drop.

    I did mine last spring with Eibach pro-kit and yes it was a pain dealing with the front. Took me 1 hour each side. did the back in about 45 Min. :rolleyes:

    Good luck