B303 cam advantages and disadvantages?

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  1. Can anyone tell me the advantages of having a b303 cam in a 94 cobra compared to the stock cam? The stock cam has 485/485 lift and the b cam isnt that much more. Will the cam give me extra power and make the exhaust sound different? Any advice of what i should expect when i install the cam would be great. Thanks everyone.
  2. TTT for ya cause i dont know
  3. If it's bone stock, why are you installing a cam? Why waste the time and energy? The stock cam is just fine until you swap heads.
  4. i think that would be a waste of time those cams probably only are a little different and it would only cause idle problems because of the lower lobe seperation of the B , there are cams out there for 1.7 rockers or you could do other mods that would gain you more power than a cam swap. :shrug:
  5. I don't know the answer to your question, but I do know that a B303 with 1.7 rockers actually isn't that bad of a cam. BUT like was said, I'd stay away from it for now. I know a lot of cobra guys seems to like the 2031. Do a search her and the corral for cobra and 2031 and you'll find some info. I'm pretty sure there was a guy on the corral that was making 270+RWHP with bolt-ons, stock heads, and a 2031 cam... I THINK. DOn't take my word on this totally... do a search and see what you find.
  6. Actually it has less of a lift B 480/480 with 224*int/exh duration. The cobra cam has 485/485 with 227°/Intake & 270°/Exhaust favoring the exhaust side.
  7. Advantages: You learn how to swap a camshaft.

    Disadvantages: Everything else.


  8. If you're having the motor tore apart in that area and can't afford the extra 1500 for an intake and heads but you get the cam for cheap, why not install it? I'm happy with mine... Seems to make decent power, lopes nicely... and you can install the intake and heads later if you wish...
  9. I can see that arguement, but that wasn't mentioned in the original post. The post topic was about a B cam in a stock Cobra. All things being equal, it isn't worth it.
  10. the lift of a cobra cam is factored in with the 1.7rr right, if you factor lift of the b-cam with the 1.7rr it comes to like .510 .510.........it pulls pretty darn good............

    i don't know if that is accurate or not though on the valve lift of the cobra but it would only make sense to calculate valve lift with the 1.7's since that is what they come with


  11. Hey mytight95 your right man and some people dont factor that in. Thanks for summing that up perfect :nice:
  12. i have a b-303....and the cobra style 1.7rr it pulls HARD...... Pulls up to the redline easily as well......


    oh yeah and thats with a stock ported intake.....wait till the ported cobra goes on the car.....
  13. But like I said the stock cobra cam favors the exhaust side which is where the 5.0 need most of the help. The hp gain is not worth the "possible" surging, stalling associated with the alphabet cams on a stock motor imo.
  14. i will agree. on the driveability issues........i just recently solved them today when i installed my chip........

  15. So wait.. Your sayin with this cam, there is a chance you will have idle problems? Im looking to get a B-cam with 1.7rr.. I had an e-cam with stock rockers and didnt have a problem with it. This car i wanna try to keep emissions legal, i have equal length shorties, with a bbk catted h-pipe to a mac catback. Do u think i will have problems with emissions with this cam as well as idle problems? if thats the case ill keep the stock and throw the 1.7rr on with the stock cam.
  16. You can have idling and surging problem in a 94-95 5.0. If you have a fox you may not have this problem their computer are more tolerable(sp?) to high lift cams and higher/shorter durations. The e cam is emissions legal.
  17. i thought you would have known already that our computers freak out with mods like heads and a cam.........lol'

    you could have idle etc. problems, but some people don't......hit or miss


    also the b-cam is listed as non emissions legal right?
  18. Yea im sorry i have a fox. I didnt realize the computers were all that different? so even tho the b cam isnt emissions legal, u dont think my cats will scrub enough to get me through inspection?
  19. you can pass emissions with the b-cam and a proper tune, it's just kind of hard to throw the cam in and pass. b-cam is wicked choppy and might not pass the sniffer, plus it's such an old cam, why not get a better one? get a custom cam or something.

    either way on a stock engine you wont benefit. i'd save that money and put it towards an intake or start saving for heads.
  20. Sweet thanks man! i was thinking i was going to do something kinda mild, just get Thumper heads with a cobra intake... maybe some 24lb's, matching mass air meter, and then a small SC-Atrim.. should be pretty quick?