B303 cam advantages and disadvantages?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Jnstang89, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. I hear alot about the Thumper heads, where can you get them and how much do they cost, also can you tell me the flo numbers! thanks
  2. Here
  3. thanks for your help,told me everything
    except what rockers to use, I always
    wanted the e cam but from the post every one has the b
  4. Do your research before throwing in a cam the 94/95 computers are very sensativewhen it comes to cams and the letter cams really make our computer freak out bad (most ot the times). The Steeda #19 and the cran 2031 are a little more puter friendly.
  5. dont forget about the crower cams, or a custom cam......which no one on here has done with the thumper heads yet..............I wonder????? lol

  6. yes i do research, I met a few people with the letter cam on 94/95 who has no problems except they are out dated. I just wanted to know what someone
    else has to say about it. thru my research i have found that it was a hit or miss with the letter cam, also who makes a cpu friendly cam for 94/95 that is off the shelf and compares to that of an e or b cam thanks.
  7. everyone know that EVERYTHING is crap except an FTI cam!!! :D :rolleyes:

    jk. def not worth the stress to swap that cam out just yet. hang on for a little bit and do it all at one go.
  8. yea, I'm going to do the heads cam and a throttle body just as soon as i get the ok for my wife
  9. Steeda #19 is a puter friendly cam it was designed just for our computers. All though nothing is 100% few have still been bittin by the surging monster(ooohhhhh :D) also the crane 2031 is pretty friendly with ours as well.
  10. thanks for your help!