Baby Car seats that fit a Mustang

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  1. Besides me looking for my next exhaust set up...I'm also in the market for a baby car seat. I would like to see some baby car seats installed in our cars.
    My 07 Gt's back seat seems small but there has to be something that fits well. This will be my first child coming in January...And NO getting rid of the Mustang IS NOT AN OPTION! Thanks.
  2. ok well, good luck with that .....
  3. I have a Cosco upright seat in mine for our granddaughter who is 18 months now. When she was under 6 mo we had the cradle style and it took up to much room cause the front seat had to be all the way forward. :)

    After seeing a rear ended s197 I am reluctant to allow any riders in the back seats.
  4. The rear facing seats will not fit that well, but once your baby can get in a foward facing seat you'll be fine. My son is currently in a booster seat (almost 5yrs old) so he has more room in the back then I do in the front! :D
  5. My son is 5 1/2 and fits quite well. I have to move the passenger seat up some for his legs, but it does work. Can even squeeze in a passenger as well. I had my '00 GT when my son was in the rear facing seat and it worked as well, but the passenger seat needed to be slid all the way forward. I don't know the travel differences in the '00 and the '06 seats to know that if it would work now.


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  6. I second the Recaro kid seats. But they have to be of age for a forward facing seat. Rear facing seat will be a slight challenge.
  7. Can the Recaro seat fit into the center instead of off to the side? I'm thinking of doing the same thing.
  8. With the huge center hump between the 2 back seats, I doubt it will fit in the center. Besides there is no seat belt for the center:nonono:
  9. Had my first child last March and have driven with him in my 05 mustang with a cradle style seat/carrier. Don't really recommend it. First, it's a hassle and second, if you have a passenger, it better be for a 2 minute ride because they'll be sitting in less than a 90 degree angle, bent all the way forward. Just too much hassle. Wait til he or she gets a little older and can sit properly.
  10. Eddie Bauer seat

    My daughter is almost five and she fits nicely in this one. It is an Eddie Bauer which I think is made by Graco...think we got it at target??? It fits really well in the seat and the way the back is designed it clears the rear headrest pretty well..does not leave any marks. I take out ever few weeks to let foam rebound...luckily that cheap foam does that well. I actually get comments on how well it looks in the back seat...some people have asked it was made for a mustang especially since it matches the interior. Better lucky than good I guess. We have had this one since she was born, so it has lasted a while, and I can't find a booster that I like as well as this one. Well Good Luck finding one.

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  11. 1st off, congrats!

    the eddie bauer is a REAL nice car seat... u can find that in Toys R Us... i forget how much it was... also, as the child gets a little older u can get the Recaros which are pretty sharp....

    good luck with everythin!
  12. My son is about a week and a half old and I have no problems getting him in the back seat with his car seat. I will post a pic tommorrow of the seat with the car seat in it. Brought him home from the day my 06 GT Vert:D
  14. I manage to fit TWO rear facing seats in the back. Unless you're a tall guy, it isn't too bad, although you really can't recline the seat much. I think I posted a picture here or on TMS with both boys looking through the rear window. It'll work, and it's worth keeping your Mustang!
  15. Here you go . . . you can pull it off.

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  16. Thanks to all the replies...Very excited about driving around with new baby daughter in a Mustang!
  17. That is too precious!!!!
  18. Hey Benzito, what brand car seats are those?
  19. i thought it would pretty well be near impossible to put a rear facing seat in the back, but you have 2!!! $h*t, you must be short to have the seat up that much. I have forward facing in mine which fits like a glove - he's 19 months now