Baby Car seats that fit a Mustang

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  1. Blackonblack06 and Benzito: What brand car seat do you have? I'm now in the market for a rear-facing seat and if you've found one that fits..well, that'd be great to know.
  2. First off, congrats on the baby, I have an 11 week old. I'm sorry to say that I don't think you are gonna have an easy time with a rear facing car seat. I don't know if it is feasable for you but when I have to take the baby somewhere the wife and I switch cars. Like you I said no way was the 'stang going anywhere! I am looking to buy a cheaper four door so my wife and I no longer have to switch cars, again, don't know if that is feasable for you. On another note, I have two older kids, 7 and 8, and had some pads made for the seats that help them fit better in the back seats.
  3. I'm happy that worked out for you but I'm 6' and 220lbs so it doesn't work so well for me!
  4. My daughters 1 1/2 and loves riding the car. Every time we get in she goes "vrrooooom". When she was smalled, the rear facing sucked a bit as any passenger had to be pretty far forward. But now that she can sit facing forward, there's no issues at all. I have it on the passenger side, so I just bring her in the front seat with me, and turn around to put her in her seat.
  5. These threads depress me. I am in my early 30's and now can afford some cool toys, but my wife and I want a kid soon too. We love to go for fun drives just for the sake of driving. She drives a miata and I know we will have to get rid of that. I was hoping to replace it with something fun to drive like a 2010 or 2011 mustang.

    I guess I should start looking somewhere else. Maybe a BMW?

  6. Funny, I have a Miata and am looking to replace it this winter to accommodate our first (due in September). The Mustang isn't what I'd think of as a family car, but the new body style combined with the 5.0 is amazing, and the only real mandate is that it have 4 seats. Any more tips about whether this will work? With the new rec's that you go rear facing until 2 years, it's even more of a consideration than before.

    Other things I'm considering include the GTI, Mazdaspeed3, the WRX, and a few others, all of which seem more accessible while maintaining some degree of sportiness that I love about the Miata.

    Thanks, and I hope to be contributing to the forum for a long time to come.
  7. I had a car seat in my 03, put it in the center of the seat and used the 2 anchor points on each side of the center. The hump in my 08 shouldn't be that big a deal, just have to make sure the seat is good and pushed down into the seat. He may sit up a couple inches higher but I don't see it being a problem. Car seats FIT in the back of Mustangs so anyone who uses that as an excuse to not buy one or sell it, doesn't really want one.
  8. No problem in the middle.

  9. Thanks for posting the pics! I'll still have to do rear facing for mine for quite a while. Really though, the wife's Camry is going to be the "family" car for quite a while. As long as I can get it to work somehow, I'm not really concerned with how far up the passenger seat has to be. I'm so excited at the concept of a new car, even though I still love the Miata.
  10. I have the Recaro front facing seat, originally bought for my Charger SRT8 but now have it for my 11 Shelby, it is a great seat, easy to anchor and place seat belt, but unfortunately the rear facing seats just won't fit.
  11. Love that pic, benzito. :nice: I've got twin 8-week old boys (our first) and can't wait to load them up in the Mustang. Although I'll probably wait until they're big enough to face forward.
  12. Totally different baby seat idea!!!


    I am a Swedish guy currently driving an old Mk VIII.
    I am planning to get a Mustang, but will also soon have a baby, so I have been reading this post.

    Here is a new approach:
    What if you remove the seatback off the front passenger seat, deactivate or remove the airbag, and permanently anchor the rear facing baby seat there. Seat the wife in the back seat facing the baby. Now everyone is facing each other. When driving alone there will be easy access to the baby too. Entry to the back seat and back seat legroom will be better too.

    BTW, if we just look at statistics, a child should be sitting in a rear facing seat until the age of 4 or 5. Their thin necks cannot really handle crash forces when looking forward. The practice here in Sweden is to keep them looking backwards longer, and the death rate of 3-5-year-olds is extremely low.

    Maybe worth trying in a small car?