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  1. I agree. First off, the car is FUGLY. Secondly, I see no reason for all those damned gauges when nothing has been done to the engine. Yippy, a CAI!
  2. Man thats sad
  3. Jesus Christ, at least put dual exhaust on it. I feel like emailing the owner and telling him what a ****tard he is.
  4. what is this, hick rice?
  5. Heres the email I sent him..

    "Just wanted to let you know you're car is probably the biggest pile of rubbish I've seen on a Mustang to date. You have a basically stock V6 Mustang with a body kit even Honda's laugh about. Then you make it worse by adding alteeza's with some kind of duct tape on them and even go so far as to get a set of clear corners that don't match the headlights.

    But you cant stop there. You still have the crappy 15" V6 wheels that throw everything way out of proportion and then have a Pep Boys wing that makes the proportions look even stupider.

    And as bad as that is, you manage to make the car worse still. It looks like you spray painted the car yourself (painter my ass) and didn't tape anything off so you painted the tail pipes smurf blue like the car.

    But the coupe de grace is the "Piller gauge pod with boost gauge." Now maybe this is just me, but isn't it hard to measure boost when you don't have a supercharger or turbo charger? Or maybe you're just measuring "internal combustion boost."
  6. :rlaugh:
  7. holy **** thats hideous.
  8. Here's both replys (he couldnt manage to make them one email)

    "Thanks for your input, all of those big word? It must of took you awhile to look through the dictionary and come up with this letter. Look, cant even afford a real email account, you have to go with the free yahoo. I am sorry your so bummed in life, I suppose your chevy chevette is a much classier car than my mustang. Well, I am liquidating my older mustang because i have to much equity in all of my other vehicles. And, i am willing to bet the body kit and gauge pods are worth much more; than any vehcile your parents have bought you. Well happy ebay shopping. I hope one of these days you can save up and switch to the new 96 geo metro you have been dreaming of."

    Second email
    The tail lights and corner lights where painted black, The wing is worth much more, than you receive on welfare each month. Also, the gauge was to show how much boost of nitrous was shooting into the engine. So, my condolences, to you. I am sorry you were born with such a poor ability to think. Its tragic."
    And my reply to his (both of them)

    "Sorry there kiddo, but unfortunately I don't need a dictionary to use big words. I'm educated. Or as you probably call it "edumacated."

    As far as not being able to afford a real email account, well think what you want. But I'm not stupid enough to use my real email account and be subject to stupid spams you'll probably send because you get upset and throw a hissy fit.

    Also, who said I owned a Vette? Because I surely do not. Hate to break it to you, but I own a Mustang. Which is why you are such a disgrace. But I do enjoy how you first say I own a Vette, and then say your cars ugly body kit and worthless gauges are worth more than any car I own. Come on, get your act together.

    Oh and I wasn’t EBay shopping. You're car is the laughing stock of a Mustang board.

    And in response to the second email (since apparently it’s to complicated for you to put all your thoughts into one) I'm so sorry you were born with an apparent lack of taste.
  9. i is a high skool student
  10. Wow, and check out the deal you're getting. He states at the top that it has new paint. Then later on he says that there are runs in the paint......what's up with that?????

    What's the point in a monster tach on a body kit only modified car. The stock tach is just fine.....

    What about that nappy rear spoiler/front bumper/color.

    Why no pics of the engine?

    Why no pics of the interior?

    No mention of tranny

    What a waste of a perfectly good mustang
  11. First off, ever since The Brahma Bull put his new toy as his avatar, he's really gone through a nasty attitude change. I like it :nice:

    Also, that other bastardized Mustang was on here before, but someone else took pics of it. I think this is a whole new set of people laughing at it again. I thought it funny how the chick posed with the car.

    Love the rear spoiler on the hood mod! That's probably why the cretin almost ripped off his front air damn because he couldn't see the road in front of him, hense all the wire and duct tape!

    Nice seats, NOT! :notnice:
  12. not the hood wing again lol
  13. Good Lord, why the wing on the hood :shrug:

    Funny thing Is he must have said one day, " wow I have an Idea, why don't I take my stock wing that I replaced with this cool looking one :bs: ..and put It on my hood"...and to make matters worse, one If not more, of his friends had to agree with him.

    I know there's a fine line of being unique or being an average rice rocket, but that dude jumped so f***ing far beyond that line.
  14. I'm just curious as to why he had to stop there. Shouldn't he have put a hood scopp on the roof to fully compliment his lunacy?
  15. no, brahmas always been a pessimistic a-hole.:D :nice: