Back at it again

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  1. Well after completing the car in 07 and enjoying it since then time has come to up the anti. So I decided instead of selling it and starting over I would just upgrade what I have. So far I have left myself with a shell haha go figure. Anyway progress has been slow but shes coming along and with a bit of luck she will be ready to debut at mustang week. Anyway heres a few teasers of some work and parts going in.








  2. Very nice! The engine bay pics look like glass.
  3. i was wondering what rack you were going with since you listed the other parts you had for sale. is it a flaming river manual rack?
  4. yes Ryan quick ratio FR manual rack. Getting rid of everything in the bay besides the motor lol. My goal is to have the cleanest EFI bay in the country, that means no accessories period, well maybe an ALT and the blower lol.
  5. Looking great....
  6. Thanks Steve still a long way to go
  7. TeamZ suspension parts are awesome. Looks good.
  8. that looks very good i cant wait to see it in person

  9. Thanks Vibrant, pretty impressed with teamz quality so far. Working on finishing up there mini tub install presently and will post up pics when complete.

    Troy dont worry your more than likely going to be in that small group who will see it first lol
  10. It was already one clean ass engine bay, this will put it ver the top! Looking good Rich!
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  11. are you reusing the stock tank or going fuel cell?
  12. This is going to be sick rich. I have yet to test out my new Team Z suspension parts but I have been happy with their K member and coil over kit
  13. Troy going with an RCI cell and A1000 pump.

    Trav every thing I received from them seems to be top notch.
  14. i am using their uppers and like them i will be using more of their parts
  15. looking awesome rich! are those last two pics a fan shroud?
  16. Between this and 95Steedamustang, all my spare time is consumed at work
  17. Wow, didn't think your engine bay could get any better . Hope we get to see it this year. NED?

  18. Well look what summer brings around lol thought I had told you over the winter I was tearing into the car? Anyway not even sure what date NED is this year but Im sure Ill be there. Trying to finish up in time for mustang week in july. Not sure if you guys are headed down or not but Ill send ya an email to see whats on you schedule for this year and hopefully we can hook up somewhere.
  19. That body style mini tubbed is gonna be sick, we have to get pics of the 3 mini tubbed cars at NED