Back at it again

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  1. Thanks Steve, how have you been? Anything new with the car?
  2. Hi
    Doing great, want winter over. Haven't done a thing with the car, thought about more HP, couldn't decide so I did nothing :confused:. Bought a Harley :) so the car sits more.
    It needs several small things, headlight adjusting bolt, exhaust, CCRM?? etc.

    Would like to make Carlisle again, had fun. The grandson likes the Power Tour (7-16) and it's the same time.
    Your car is looking great... :D Don't have the patience myself..
  3. Nice, full dresser, wide glide what? I saw you looking to up the power and was wondering if you came up with anything as Im already thinking the same even though this combo hasn't even hit the ground yet lol.
    Skipped Carlisle last year as we all decided to do MW instead. Not sure Ill be there this year either as its gonna be to much of a rush to finish in time. I would love to do the power tour but that's gonna have to wait a year or two.
  4. Starting feeling guilty about not doing anything with the car so I am going to have a couple things power coated :) Usually do HP but stock rear end, tranny at 600 torque, it's max. etc... :confused:
    The Power tour is fun, like minded people together, and lots of cars to watch. Did the Long Haul (all 7) last year, this year doing the first 4, ending in upper Ohio, Summit motorpark, only a 4hr ride home.

    MW (Mustang Week?) when and where was that... sounds like fun!!

    Bought an '08 Road King, took it to Daytona bike week in march last year then Myrtle Beach in June. The photo is on the Tail of the Dragon down in Tennessee, 311 turns in 11 miles.

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  5. So this died off a while ago. Need some updates for those of us still around from before!
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