back from LA auto show, my official review of Mustang/Camaro/Challenger

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  1. Some may remember my last post blasting ford for their previous choice in the 4.6 for 2010.

    ANyhow, just got back from the LA autoshow and got to see all three cars in person.

    Initial assesment?? Ford has the corner on marketing hands down. WHile you COULD sit in a new challenger, there was no big hooplah surrounding was just sitting out there. Mean while, Ford had a monster display, they had a lot of 2010 models to look at, verts, gt's etc. they had one on it's side so you could see under it, they had a supercharged model...they even had the Ford racing team there who did a 5 minute marketing blitz by bolting on wheels and wings and scoops onto it to make it look like the hotwheel car. Brilliant, simply brilliant. Huge display, lots of support.

    chevy, on the other hand only had two units, and they were behind ropes and you couldn't sit in it. Stupid chevy...they've been developing it longer and they didn't even have a half way decent display.

    Final verdicts??

    1. On looks alone the challenger is just the sexiest car on the planet. Win to the challenger. Having said that, though the mustang is as badass for 2010 as it gets, and it was love at first site. The camaro too is badass. It's sexy as hell. On looks, it's challenger followed by a near tie between camaro and the mustang

    2. Interior, Ford mustang wins hands down. Ford interiors have come a long long long way. It's clean and well excecuted. The camaro interior is pretty bad. It looks like an extremely retro version of the 60's camaro interior, and it just doesn't work well. The challenger had nice seats, but the rest of the interior is pure charger. It's super boring, and not a lot of thought went into it. The challenger is severly lacking in the interior area.

    3. The powerplant options between the cars are interesting. For brute power alone I've got to give it to the old fashioned pushrod muscle of chevy. 425 horse on their standard v8. Impressive and n/a. Second place I'll give to the hemi...again pushrod power and 390 horse for the 5.7 or 425ish for the 6.1 hemi. The mustang with 315 horse and overhead cams easily comes in third. HOWEVER, the supercharger option is confirmed with two superchargers....400 level and 500 level superchargers. I was told the 400 level SC ads $3500, and the 500 level supercharger ads about $4500. THIS IS CHEAP...especially with the base price of the mustang. As well, he told me, but I"ll believe more when I see it, that all the bottom ends on their 4.6 blocks are the same, and they just add a supercharger. If this is the case, can you say boost boost boost to any stock 2010+ :)...this puts the mustang powerplant in #1 now in my opinion (boosted version)

    4. Misc. The challenger is huge, huge, really ****ing huge. It's so big, that it's a major turnoff. Literally it feels like a family car missing two doors. It's so big, that I'd put the car in an entirely different class than the mustang and camaro. Simply put, I'd never buy a challenger just because of it's size and weight. The camaro weighs in at 3700 pounds for the v8...that's within mustang territory... +1 for the camaro and mustang. Price wise, the mustang has them licked every which way till tuesday. $24 base for the v8...with the supercharged models coming in at or less than the base v8 camaro price. (base v8 camaro at just over $30k) I'll take a 500 horse 2010 mustang over a 425 horse camaro. Also worthy of mentioning, is that the Mustang is a solid axle 8.8, while the camaro has independent rear suspension.... +1 for the mustang.

    Final reviews?? The challenger is the sexiest car ever built, period. However it's size worries me that it may scare off a lot of people and just not survive more than a few years. the camaro is a fine car that looks mean as hell, and I think it's good enough to survive for a number of years. The v6 bases cheap enough, $22k...but I think chevy is counting on people to buy the v6 base instead of buying a base v8 mustang...isn't gonna happen. the v8 camaro is just too much $$$, and that could be trouble for chevy.

    I think the camaro and mustang wars are back with a vengence, and we have some seriously fine vehicles. Overall in my opinion the win goes to the 2010 mustang. It seems to have more factory support, already an aftermarket support, as well as ford racing parts support, more options and a cheaper price tag.
  2. nice review. i agree with almost everything you said. :D
  3. 500 hp mustang under 30k, I will take it. :)
  4. Thanks for the opinions.... Price and value are the key. And a supercharger option for $4500?? That seems like a killer value. If the base price is $24k as you stated, and you add $4500.. your looking at $28,500 for a 500 HP Mustang!?!?!? Seems outstanding... I guess goodbye Shebly GT 500. I mean, why spend 40k when you can spend 30k on a 500 HP mustang? Unless the "new Shelby" or "whatever" new model Ford may introduce pumps out like 750 HP or something... (Muh ha ha ha)
  5. A supercharger option with a warranty sounds fantastic but I'll believe it when I see it listed as an ordering option.

    I've seen 2 challengers in person sitting on the lot, and 1 on the road and I'll agree they are f'n enormous. Bad ass looking but huge.
  6. One of the Ford dealer's down in good old S. Florida, (Mia) is a Ford Racing shop. The owner's son, (who is the top manager) told me that the 2010 will come with that option. He says ford is calling it the 3/4/5 option.

    Heh he was telling me to trade my baby in for a 2010 with that option in place. (I have a 08, click sig) Though I do not think it will be under 30k...I am thinking with dealer markup and what not I am thinking 35k.
  7. i dont think the dealers can afford to mark up the cars with the current state of the economy. i believe they would be happy moving the units at sticker price. :shrug:

    it is a while before they are released, so it may change between now and then...
  8. 500hp GT that weighs a couple hundred pounds less then the GT-500, this is going to be one fast....stang, can you say mid 11s stock. Haha this is going to be great, a 28-30k car keeping up with corvetts. Ford seems to know what they are doing. I think the GT-500 will be stock with 600hp for 40-45k with the option of 700hp for 50-60k.
  9. I agree with you, for the most part.

    I am not too concerned about HP with the new Mustang.. 300 is more than enough for me, and still enough to get myself in trouble.

    Like you said, the Camaro display was pathetic.. I remember the male model :)rolleyes:) saying they were 85% final, design-wise.. so there will be changes.

    Also, I sat in the Challengers. Those things are HUGE. And the interiors are a disgrace! :notnice: I do like the fact that the batteries are in the trunk.. :nice:

    Still, Mustang wins.. Ford did an incredible job.
  10. I agree with alot of what you said. The Challenger is a love it and hate it thing with me, on one hand I think it's enormous and hideous, and on the other hand I think it's pure F'ing badass....weird. The interior sucked though, pure boring blah.

    The Mustang was okay to me, just couldn't get over the mismatched carry-over roof with the new sharper lines. I have to see some on the road I think.

    The Camaro I thought was awesome for a pony car, this is the first time I've liked a generation of the Camaro over the Mustang. The interior looked crappy and cheap, and the front end/grille looked like tonka-truck cheap, but otherwise I give it a nod over the Mustang in most other categories.

  11. what's NOT to like about good old fashioned n/a 425 horse PUSHROD power in a body style that looks like a 60's camaro??
  12. Streetable?

    I've never drove a supercharged car... How would one (500 HP) be as an everyday driver? I would like to know the reliability of a supercharger.:shrug:
  13. I assume it would be similar to marrying a supermodel. A little rough on the sophistication level, but enjoyable through and through....
  14. Exactly.

    Plus to boot, even the V6 is a contender (for $22K new, it would be the first time I'd ever consider getting a V6 pony car), it's got all the Safety features and meets newer strict safety regulations hopefully (hence the heavy weight), etc. I think it would make an absolutely fun toy, I just wish they did something about that interior.
  15. My question is ,if 500hp is available in a GT how much hp will the GT500 have ?
  16. I'm thinking Super Snake/KotR power. Would make sense for ford to do this.
  17. I Agree with just about everything 'v8only' said with the exception of one thing.

    Ford currently offers 2 superchargers for the 05-06gt and the 07gt, one that makes 400 hp, and another that makes 550hp, and 540 tq. I'm sure these are engine numbers, but are about as much as you would want with the stock rotating assembly anyway. The 550hp kit comes with an intercooler, and doesn't have a warrenty, the 400hp has no intercooler, but is covered with the warrenty. The thing is, the 550hp kit (tho they call it a 500hp kit) goes for about $7,000.00. If Ford is offering the supercharger for the 2010 for $4,500, thats a great deal, but why so much cheaper? Does it not come with an intercooler? I want to see this in writing before I believe it. I would also assume, that the rotating assembly is the same as the current s197 as well, so it would still need to be replaced if you plan on building something above 600 hp.

    Heres a link to the FRPP Part:
    Ford Racing Performance Parts [M-6066-M117*]
  18. nice review. i really like the Challengers too, but i'd definetly take the new Camaro over a Challenger. as far as the 2010 Mustang, i like my 2006 better. i'd only get another Mustang if i was rich enough to get a Saleen or Shelby GT500 SS edition.