Back From Mustang Sabbatical

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  1. It's been around 7 years since I last owned a fox mustang and around 3 since I've owned any Mustang, but I just got my brother to go pick me up nice fox.

    I've been in Africa for a year, so I can't wait to come back home and drive this thing. I'll be my first Mustang that's not my daily driver.

    Already got a few mods in mind, but first of all I'm putting the stock hood back on. It feels good to own a Mustang again!

    Anyways to the pics:
    1992 Mustang LX





  2. Hood and steering wheel and that puppy will be sweet!
  3. Great way to get back into the Fox scene.
  4. Yeah, I thought so. Already has a decent H/C/I combo, so I don't have to fiddle too much with it, and I can get to the important part, driving it.
  5. Amen to that
  6. Car looks nice, excellent call on putting a stock hood back on as well!
  7. Very clean Mustang! I love the color and what kind of CAI is that? Never seen one like that before.
  8. The upper tube is part of the c&l cai, and the box at the fender well is part of the march ram air kit.

    I'm thinking of removing the ram air kit since I don't like the scoop that is under the car.

    On another note, my wish list on late model restoration is already over 3 grand, and I haven't even seen the car in person yet, should be a fun year.
  9. Make sure you start a build thread!
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  10. car looks sweet man!
  11. That color is nice , great car
  12. Oh okay, I thought maybe it was like a custom heat shield of some sort. The scoop looks cool, but does it really work?
  13. I've read good and bad about the kit, just not what I want. I plan to put a Ranger air dam under the bumper, and the scoop is in the way.

    I will, might be a few months, got to get back in the swing of things once I get back.

    Not planning on doing anything crazy like smoothing the engine bay, or having the car up on jack stands for too long (been there done that),

    but I do want to make a few changes mostly cosmetic, new seats, some new moldings etc, and a small shot of nitrous, and then save up for Maximum Motorsports Grip Box, and some nice brakes, but those two projects are a couple of years away.
  14. So I finally got to see the car in person yesterday, and as much as I loved the drive and the sound, there's some work that I hadn't anticipated.

    The thing idles all over the place, so I'm going to need a tune. The drivers seat's frame is bent so bad, I sink into the bottom of the seat as well, so new seats are needed.

    The sound system is pretty nice and the sub kicks just fine for me

    Then there's the molding! Probably some of the worst I've seen. Didn't plan on having to replace all the window moldings, but now I gotta save up.




    All in all, these things are not so hard to fix, but they do take out a chunk of money I don't have right now, and money I wanted to spend on a nice 5-lug cobra brake swap. Then there's the steering wheel I want to replace, and the strut tower brace, the MM steering shaft, MM panhard bar and torque arm, and of course the stupid ASHTRAY COVER........ talk about a slippery slope.

    I'm going to take my time with this one, and the mods and restoration will be coming in slow, I want this to be my weekend hobby car, so I'm not putting any timeline or anything that will cause me stress. I just want it loud and fast and reliable.

    I'll open up a new thread when I start any work on it.
  15. I love the color of that autumn orange fox!
    And sweet new ride nonetheless, if I were to get another fox it would have to be an LX hatch.
  16. those window belt mouldings are a breeze to replace as long as you realize theres a screw on the inside of the door edge :rolleyes:
  17. as for the idle, just check out the surging idle checklist here on stangnet. it'll get you fixed up