Back from Racing COBRASK8 at Watkins Glen - DAMN is it fast!!!!

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  1. Owner & Car return truimphantly in one piece!!!!

    All I can say is WOW!! The Cobra is a new animal with all the upgrades:
    New Motor - 345 HP Crate Motor
    New Tires - Kuhmo 710 Slicks
    Many Areodynamic upgrades:
    Extended wicker on front spoiler
    Blocked Hood scoop
    Blocked top 1/3 of grille
    NACA ducts on rear of hood - facing backwards to exit underhood air
    Ducting for Brakes & Oil cooling
    Driver with more respect for the car:hail2:

    It stuck like glue in all the corners (even 9!:lol: ), and I never felt it get loose. Planted at High-Speed,it was rock steady at an indicated 130 MPH, and plantred coming out of the Esses. With the new motor, I was on the rev limiter in 3rd well before finishing the Esses as well.

    Just a rocket! No real problems, and it came home in one piece, the best part of all.:nice:

    Here are some pics...



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    Can't wait for next year to really get up to speed!:eek:

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  2. Hot [email protected]n!

    Now all we need is the "rollbar-cam" so StangNet can run it's own videos :nice:
  3. Looking at the bottom Photo, my white helmet needs team stripes!
  4. So tell us the truth now.....Who was really driving the car...?:scratch:
  5. Shhhhhhh! Don't burst his bubble, but: Do you see that slightly wavey black curly hair sticking out from under the back of "his" helmet????

    Cobra, Honda, whatever.......... :D
  6. OK, I'll come clean.

    I had Danica subbing!

    BTW, here is this year's Blue Armco stgripe recipient:


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  7. You wish you could get Danica to sub!:rlaugh: I understand your reason for not naming your REAL sub as she is still a minor, but you should be proud of your "little" girl! :nono:

    Way to go DEANNA!:nice: :nice: :nice:

    Ooooops......did I type that out loud!:shrug:
  8. I've come to lurk once more from the reaches of who knows where...
    Well... dad would say the corner of my room where my computer sits, but I'm STILL not there...

    Scott and I are still in Evansville, Indiana with mom. We come home on sunday the 26th and then Scott and I jump right into school on the 27th. We've been alright out here this time, only one minor problem with mom's... well whatever the heck he is... stalker... guy... Anyone wanna hear the story why? Well too bad because I'm going to tell you anyways...
    We were at the local animal shelter yesterday because mom had decided to adopt a rabbit as a pet for when we come out. While we were finishing up the paper work the lady at the center told us that the rabbit still needed to be spayed. She said that would be done for us on the 29th. I said, "Oh, that stinks. We're going to be gone by then.... Guess we'll have to see it in the winter." Now Mathew... who's the stalkerguythingit, stands behind me and starts making these sniffly crying noises, aka making fun of me. I really really hate this guy, guys. So, I looked over my shoulder and quite firmly said 'Shut up'. He waked away of course. After that we got lunch at Wendys and he was making fun of me more saying I didn't hold the rabbit because I didn't want to get my shirt dirty. In fact, I didn't hold the rabbit because it was getting skittish because the dogs were barking and I didn't want to take it from mom when it was scared. So we got our food and went home, he went back to his house just down the street. As we were all finishing lunch the door opens and he waves mom over. She gets up andn talks to him for a few minutes and then leaves as mom comes back up. She sighs and sits back down telling me that Mathew was saying that what I did was very dissrespectful and that he wanted to have a talk with me yadda yadda. Mom said no and to get over it. I said the same thing because I responded in a 'dissrespectful' manner because he was just as dissrespectful to me. It's now the next morning and he's STILL going on about me saying shut up. Nice guy huh? He's 35... I think it's more like 3.

    Back on topic now...

    You see, everyone mistakes that white helmet for dad. That's my helmet for riding the motorcycle. Dad was a little jittery about turn 9 so he got out after turn 6 and I subbed in driving the rest of the course. :D
    Maybe if the Honda went fast enough and I knew what I was doing I'd take it on a track like the Glen.
  9. Maybe this immature stalker dude needs to meet a few of your rather large "uncles", I know I'd like to take him shark fishing, and StDr would love to use him for Gila bait!:D
  10. Hey - I've got an idea! Let's invited Deanna's Mom and "Matthew" (boy doesn't deserve a respectable name like that!) out to the Sonoran Desert for a little history tour. I could show him some of the old silver mines out in the Chocolate Mountains in S.E. Claifornia - the ones with the really deep shafts!
    I could explain to him what I know about the miners lost in cave-ins, the "explorers" checking out the abandoned mines that went down the shafts and disappeared.......
  11. I wish you would slow down, I can't read that fast!:fuss:
  12. Boy, you sure r e a d s l o w l y ! I edited that post exactly three hours before you read it!

    See, it says so right here:

  13. You jackalope! 12:42p.m. your time IS 3:42p.m. my time.......thus the difference in the time signatures on the quote!:nonono:
  14. I still wonder if Matthew is his real name... :nonono:
    I was introduced to him as Kevin.... or something like that, and scott would call him Kenny, and then the whole story goes that he was adopted and his birth name is Matthew O' Malley.
  15. Hey! This thread is about ME and MY car!

    What a hi-Jacking - Slow readers. time zones, mine tours, my Ex's freakazoid companion, EGAD!!!!!

    I want the accolades! ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!

    (until sunday, when Deanna & Scot come home, then it's back to plain ol' Dad)
  16. (BTW, I really like the view of COBRASK8 looking down on it. Shows off the stripes)
  17. Sorry to steal the spotlight... :D
  18. Get this... Matthew just came here and came downstairs and told me that the reason he was "sniffling" was that he had something in his nose and he didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings... What does he think I am, stupid?
  19. Would that something be white powder?
    No your not and neither are we. The ol' fart can just go :fuss: somewhere else. Besides this thread ain't about him anyway, it's about..........
    COBRASK8 !!!:D