Back from Racing COBRASK8 at Watkins Glen - DAMN is it fast!!!!

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  1. That is a sexy cobra... Your helmet needs something though check out these little thingys and doodads:

    MustangGurl- Give it time, you're mom will realize that Matthew-Kevin-Kenny O'Malley is a tool and he will be a distant bad memory.. Stave your hand so that we don't have to say in our South Park voices "OH MY GOD!! They killed Kenny!" :rlaugh:
  2. Trust me, if I were to have a hand in anything happening to M-K, it would make Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance look like a rank amature job!:nonono:
  3. did someone mention shark fishing? never go fishing with the man that calls you CHUM, muwahhhhaaaahhahhhah!!!!!!! i vote for a shark fishing trip.

    BTW, Dan cobrask8 lokos good, but the new "daytona" stripe recipient just isn't the kind of carnage i was expecting (looking forward to?) when i opened this thread.:D
  4. Great minds think alike!
  5. Oh, piffle!

    I've heard of (and seen - at El Golfo de California) sharks washing up on the shore; only to reveal their stomach contents to anybody with a knife and a strong stomach (or a Scott AirPack - [Darth Vader voice]"Pfffffff-pahhhhh, pfffff-pahhhhhhh........ The Force was not so strong with this one"[/voice]). :p

    When was the last time you saw a 100-year-old mine shaft wash up on the beach??? :nice:

  6. i know we'll feed him to the shark and toss the shark down the mine shaft.:shrug:
  7. I'm not sure we could get a dead shark past the CBP agents in San Luis. :shrug:
  8. The idea behind shark fishing is that you are supposed to grind your "chum" up to resemble ground beef BEFORE you spread him....ummmm, errrr......IT on the water to attract the sharks!:nonono:

    goshdarnmuthalovin' LAND LUBBERS!:fuss:
  9. Well, Sheese! The trinity of rattlesnakes, coyotes and buzzards get the job done with a lot less effort! :rolleyes:
  10. Coyotes are wild dogs (More or less).

    Dogs chew bones.

    The more wild ones will chew on them 'til they're unrecognisable (Tink's Queensland Heeler does this regularly).

    Any questions?

  11. my little mutt eats bones, he'll chew them until there is no bone left at all, not even any little pieces
  12. dispose of matthew or kevin or kenny or whatever the hell his name is...:shrug:
  13. OK, OK!

    Kids are safely back at home, and back in school. Deanna's room is already a mess, and she's been taken over by her friends.

    Now, back to ME!! :rolleyes:

    (BTW, Mario Andretti was on our flight from Detroit to allentown!:hail2: )
  14. Mario Andretti was going to ALLENtown? :nice:

    I understand that I do have relatives in Allentown...... stupid thing is, they're all on my Mom's side of the family; so named Devendorff!

    My Dad on the other hand (MR ALLEN, or "Major Allen, A.M. - USAR" to you military types) had no relatives there? :shrug:

    Apparently, Allentown was where my maternal grandfather met up with some "Gentlemen of Mediterranean Descent"; who put him up with a jewelery store in Philly -it was understood that they needed a legitimate excuse for some "unaccountable assets" and saw he was "a man of honor and discretion".

    Hey, whatever paid the bills, I guess.........
  15. Mario lives two towns away from us, in Nazareth PA.

    It's within 8 miles of Allentown.
  16. Phew! Dug this one out of the cellar just before its "30 Day Expiration" came due!

    On with the :OT: conversation! :banana: So, where is Elizabethtown in all this mess???? :scratch:
  17. Elizabeth is in NJ, Elizabethtown is in PA.

    Racing in 10 days, Oct 6 & 7 in West Virginia. I'll have more pics, if I can get someone to take them.....
  18. Ooops, my bad.
    But back to StDr's question....what the hell does the location of Elizabethtown have to do with the original hijack? We were talking about Allentown.:scratch:

    Big Blue confused..................:(