Back from the track... And now in the 12 sec club!

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  1. This was my second experience ever at the quarter mile dragway...

    Mustang GT 2001 with the following mods:
    - 4.10
    - exhaust (Flowmaster + MAC OR h-pipe)
    - predator in "safe setup" (91 fuel)
    - ET streets

    That's it... No weight saving at all, no race fuel.

    The result:

    Best run
    60 ft: 1.821
    1/8 de mile: 8.286
    1/4 de mile: 12.962 @ 107.1 mph

    Best trap speed: 107.3 mph
    Best 60 ft: 1.750
    Best 1/8 mile: 8.24

    I ran high 12s @ 107.X mph multiple times on both lane so it's not a "once in a life luck". :hail2:
  2. Ho BTW, the times and trap speeds were pretty accurate even if it looks "too fast to be true".

    For example, LS1s were running mid-high 13s @ 103ish mph. Stock GTs were running low 14s @ 97-99 mph.
  3. thats insane! i had no idea such a little bit of moding could land a GT into the 12's! good work.
  4. It's amazing what a good driver can do.

    You guys pushing 14's should be ashamed of yourselves!
  5. doesn't sea-level affect that too?

    our local track is very close to sea-level so cars end up going faster than a track thats higher.
  6. wow thats awesome man! good run.
  7. damn!!! nice...i swear i remember and flame fest on here about 99+ GT not being able to run 12 with just bolt ons

    nice job man
  8. Ive raced quite a few times and have never seen a 99-04 gt run your trap speeds with the few mods u have, maybe a 103ish tops...could be a heck of a run though. You do have an awesome et as well. :shrug:
  9. Nice times bro! :nice:
  10. Yes and I was quite close to sea-level (160 feet). It helped for sure but most slicked bolt-ons GT run mid 13s even here...
  11. Thanks. :)

    When I bought the car, I went on another track to see what I would run without any experience. I ran 105.X trap speeds all day long... Now, with better driving and good conditions, it's in the 107 mph range. It's logical and everything has been done on 2 different tracks.
  12. Those are nice times. Weather conditions and elevation were probably a factor, like always.
  13. GAWD lol, im going to have to come up there to run my car. You guys are getting crazy ETs/traps up there in canada, but I believe there is a huge high pressure up there now right? Do you know what the D.A. was? will give you the stats for last night...and if you can post them (pressure,temp,humidity ect), then we can figure out the D.A. Keep it up man.
  14. WTH, lol. I have a 12.7 at 107 on a fricken 125 shot. lol
  15. 107.1 sounds unbelievable. I'm not saying you lied, but it's hard to grasp.
  16. bs ... you wont trap more than 102.. you have nothing to make you to 107 dude.... now go find a srt 4 forum
  17. Youve convinced me. :hail2:
  18. 105 mph on a bone stock '01 GT :scratch:

    You claim to have ran on both lanes so show us a different timeslip.

    Until then :bs: