Back from the track... And now in the 12 sec club!

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  1. The truth is this if he had 245whp car @ 3400lbs no matter how good his 60ft was there is no way he could trap at 107. It is not how good a "driver" you are; trap speed is all about HP. This guy is so full of S**T his eyes must be brown. With his HP he would have to have a least a 2400lb car to trap that high. He is full of S**T, and anyone who knows physics knows you can't defy it. What color are the skies in your world Xcessiv? Must be brown, because you are full of crap.
  2. You've got a strong factory car
  3. DYNO! Please just do it and we can all stop guessing lol.
  4. who's car is it on here that is pretty light, and trapped 108 with only a few bolt ons...that will give you a good comparison on how light the car would have to be with those mods to trap that high

    edit: how could i forget Wayne S as a user name :D
  5. regardless of any and all things, congrats on the run, amazing time

  6. LOL the joke is up buddy!

    I powershift faster than that and will go 5/5 runs without a single grind.
  7. Then why don't you run 12s if you powershift faster? :rlaugh: Listening to a video doesn't say s_h_i_t about the shifthing speed.

    I never grinded any gear at the track... But that specific day I was tired and nervous of racing against that 12.6X @ 108 mph STI.

    Anyway, I don't care. :nonono: After all, I have my 12 seconds timeslip, I keep killing LS1s and you dont. :banana:

  8. YOUR THE MAN Know one can drive a stock GT like you against an LS1 and STI :jaw: :stick:
  9. Helllll yeah! Thanks.

    :spot: :cheers:
  10. Whatever. This is a pointless thread. The guy went 12 seconds at 107. who cares what he has done to it. maybe its true maybe it isnt. he had good conditions but that wouldnt make all the difference to make it 107 mph. thats pretty high. either way all of us should really care less what the guy has done to his car..and even more so why would anyone waste their time arguing with a guy about mods who is relentless in the fact that he has done close to nothing and gone 12 seconds...its totally worthless. In closing, yeah a lot of us want to be in the 12s, some of us have been there and most of us havent. But to sit here and argue with some guy claiming to have a close to stock GT and running high 12s with that speed...its just foolish. Let the guy think what he wants about his car...or if he is lying..let him lie.
  11. one of the reasons to post in these forums is the information, what works and what doesn't, how to fix it. This car may be the only one at full weight and stock type hp to trap that high. Dyno numbers may clear things up or cause more if they are not high enough. He showed a slip of 107. I doubt it is that he is that good of driver, not putting him down. You have to have hp to trap that high and something else is done. If we knew what that something is, it could help others to do the same.
    Again, good job on the 12s, if the F bodies were screaming another 3-7 mph, I would give it the DA and track. They are not. :D
  12. Let me say this, it took me nitrous to get to that speed. lol
  13. +1
  14. How could I stay beside a 12.7 @ 108 mph STI from a 30 mph roll-on, then? He has a better ET than me so my advantage is not there; it's the fact that I run beetween 107.1 and 107.3 mph depending on the runs.

    Did you ever see a 13 secondes @ 102 mph car staying beside a mid 12s @ 108 mph one, both cars being well driven?
  15. We don't disagree with your times we disagree with the mods. I think that has been said quite a few times
  16. it is totally rediculous to compare , racing from a roll and racing from the line. That is not a good comparison of speed. Yes, a 13 sec car may be capable of staying with a high 12 sec car from a roll. To what speed??? why? :rolleyes:
  17. A well driven 13 sec at 102-103 mph car may be capable of staying with a well driven mid 12 at 108 mph car on a 30 to 130 mph race?

    Wow! :shrug:
  18. yea im callin bs also. my 99 ws-6 when it was bone stock ran a [email protected], with headers,gears, and a lid i got it down to [email protected] im sry but no 2v EVER pulled on me anywhere, from start to finish. hell most 03 cobra i raced wouldnt gain any ground on me untill around 115 and even then it took them forever to ketch up. so sry man dont belive it
  19. Well with just a few boltons (248RWHP) and was running mid 13s @ 100.29....raced my friends 02 SS with dyno tune (286RWHP on mustang dyno...about 310+ on a dynojet). His car pulled me, but just BARELY...the first run from 75-112, he went from his bumper at my door, to my bumper to his door....VERY slow pull. Raced from 10-115 and he maybe got 2 cars up. Again, it was a SLOW walking pace...I actually gained on him for a second a second after I hit 4th at 95ish...he was about 3/4 cars up by that point then started to slowly walk off....then my power started to decline and by 5800 he was another car up.

    I think it would be different now :D .

    My point is, that I stayed with a car that trapped a good 6-7MPH faster...and YES HE CAN DRIVE....powershifted every gear but 1-2nd durring our race...I didnt. On the street, strange things happen.