Back from the track... And now in the 12 sec club!

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  1. Did I miss the dyno sheets? Swear I read every page, saw none.
  2. +1.. I'd like to see it as well
  3. are you trying to be funny with the 400 km/hr back wind and 1200m under sea level. I am close to calling BS on you too. why will you not post weather data and track data from the runs...

    where is the weather data from the time you ran..

    I want to see this info to take your times seriously

    1. temp, baro, humidity at the time or close to the time of the timestamped slip

    2. the name of the track so I can look up the track altitude

    this is useless without DA numbers.

    a video proves nothing. how about DA numbers to start

  4. since when does a person have to agree with another enthusiast to be a "true stang enthusiast"?

    I am a car enthusiast, you see I enjoy all makes of cars that go fast. It doesnt start and end with the stang, that just happens to be the one I own.
  5. I also run at Napierville Dragway and I was there yesterday.
    Since I didn't do a personal best I didn't bother checking the weather data for yesterday but it was around 80F.

    HERE is a link to another thread in another forum where I usually post. I also have doubts about the MPH. My estimate was 1.5 - 2.0 mph too fast.

    I had a Passport G Timer 2 in the car for the first time yesterday for comparisson purposes and this is what I got.

    ..........Timeslip...................G Timer

    I have met xcessiv once before at Sanair last year where he beat me by a couple of 100ths.
    My car was 5 weeks old and I was stock except for C&L intake and Diablosport Predator running on factory rubber. I believe he ran 13.2x
    He has a video of that run somewhere.

  6. Hmm, how come I have a MUCH worse 60' (1.89) run the same trap...but some how run a 12.7?

    If I were to pull a 1.7 60' and trap 108.6/108.8 (same thing) I would go a 12.40 or better. This just proves that something isnt right here.

    Look at the DESTROY me out of the hole (1.74 vs 1.89) then we both trap the same. BUT SOMEHOW I beat you through the 1/4!!!!
    That doesnt work like that man, you would have to trap 104-105 for me to drive back around you like that...maybe even less. I think jackie chan had a 60' like that and ran a simular ET....I think all the people your racing just SUCK at driving. 90% of the people at the track cant drive worth beans.

    In the entire FFW event (dad watching us all run) I was the 2nd or 3rd fastest shifter out of ALL the cars. There was only 3 or 4 of us that made the 5 spds sound almost like an automatics haha (well me in 3rd-4th..2nd is ok)

    Anyways, your times just dont line up sorry. :( I still think your spraying a little N20 dry shot on the back half of the track...50 shot. Just admit it shure would get alot more respect had you came in and just told the truth.
  7. At Sanair, I ran 13.26 with one-wheel burnouts (bad diff clutches), a 2.0 seconds 60 ft and with fire coming out of my h-pipe (way too rich). I have vids and timeslips to prove these 3 factors (bad diff, bad 60 ft and rich tune). I'll go back to Sanair even if I prefer Napi (much nearer). I should be very near my 12.8X-12.9X with a 1/4 second lower 60ft than last time. My trap speed, on the other hand, should be quite lower than Napi.

    You're right about the trap speed, it looks like it's 2 to 2.5 mph too fast. Logically, my car should trap no more than 106 mph and in exceptional conditions. Rick was trapping 108.0 mph with his bolt-ons Mach 1 and they typically trap 105-106 mph.
  8. Altitude (feet): 173 (ref.:

    Temp (F): 79.5

    I don't have baro and humidity data, sorry. I'd say over 75% for sure.
  9. still trying to sell us the bs , meh.. I give up your car is godlike ... your a muchhhhhhhhhh better driver than all the rest of the universe .. we all bow down to what your stock car can run..
  10. First i like to say congrates on the time. you have a good running car and like you said you bought the car used and if you are shifting at 6000 or 6100 rpms you have head work or cams. But i guess some people cant hear because you already said that this could be the case, you dont know. For stock cam and head gts they are done at about 5500. Good luck with you car though. you are running same time as me with 100 shot. Great car. You may have gotten more then you paid for. lol. But from looking at some of the video it looks like spray and i would know.
  11. your car has something done to it, maybe you dont know it and bought it modified or your running n/a as in nitrous assisted. My car has vt stage 2 cams, full exhaust(lt's, midpipe,catback) and all the bolt ons and i'm going throught the traps at 107.81(car has been lightened up a with prostars, no back seat, small battery, etc). My friend has full bolt ons, full exhuast, on a buillit with a vt stroker 302 shortblock, stage 2 cams, and stage 2 heads and goes through a little over 109mph.
  12. Sure that sucker ain't have a 4v motor? That's similar trap speed on average to what mildly modded Mach 1s run.
  13. Actaully man, I do that fairly often it's called OUTDRIVING them. people have lower 60' times higher mph but my et is lower it means I'm not wasting any time on the track. Ie better shifts, closer to ideal shift points, and in general driving it like the ex-wifes divorce lawyer is coming.
    Now I run et streets and I know on my car I lost 1-2 mph on the big end with them but dropped 1-1.5 tenths. All I can say is if all the info he is giving is true I'm making a trip to Canada to race sometime this year.
  14. Congrats on your new time in Napi Xcessiv, I bet that 'Vette owner was trying to hide under the pavement after that run :rlaugh:
  15. Well if he did get nitrous he would be in the 10's? :rolleyes: