Back from the track... And now in the 12 sec club!

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  1. I believe the times, I don't believe the mods list. Incomplete.
  2. Nope, 105.X mph with the same actual mods... Yesterday I was just much better at shifthing and weather was perfect.
  3. Guys, if he were to come down to the south where humidity is high and its HOT, he would trap the usual 100-101 with those mods. Canada has a high pressure over it, and it will be nice and cool. Good weather has a HUGE impact on trap.
  4. thats to high im calling a :bs:
  5. great times man!!! i wish i could get up there to make a few passes. i might get in the 11.9-12.2 range up there. :D
  6. Does a stock LS1 trap 97 mph down to the south?
    What about a stock '99-04 GT? 92 mph?

    The same day, they were trapping 103-104 mph and 98-99 mph here...

  7. Sorry, I forgot about my MAC hot air intake. :p
  8. Wait a sec, are you saying the LS1s were trapping 103-104? they have 300RWHP from the factory and were trapping 105-107 when i ran. 2 T/As in a row trapped 105...then one came back later and pulled a 107. I doubt they were stock, but anyways BOTTOM line is that any LS1 F body auto or M6 will out trap you with your current mods. There is no doubt, unless the guy is a 13 year old kid driving lol. The 2V cant surpass the power an LS1 makes unless it is cammed with FULL boltons. the trap will reflect not even trapping what the M6 f bodys here are (bout 1-2MPH lower). Basically, if your out trapping all the F bodys, you have 290+RWHP AT THE VERY LEAST...since your running at full weight. You have cams at the VERY least.
  9. Well... At the track, one of the LS1 Trans Ams surprisingly kept up pretty good on the launch but I clearly pulled on him above 80 mph.

    The same results occur on the street, in fact they often outlaunch me and I gain back above 60 mph. I'm not saying that I'd beat any well driven LS1 but until now the 2V shined...
  10. LOL, yep you have other work done. The LS1 shines above 70MPH and will pull ANY full bolton GT up there, much less one with a few boltons like you. Driving has nothing do do with that. Shiftpoints can help, but the LS1 will be pulling. There is no such thing as a "freak" GT, they all make roughly the same HP. See we have been doing this game for a while, this stuff just doesnt happen W/O ALOT, and I mean ALOT of work. You will probably get a flaming from all the F body guys on here in a few lol, many have owned both cars. It takes more than boltons to out trap teh LS1.
  11. I'll videotape a 40-110 mph race against my friend's LS1, I'll keep ya guys updated. :nice:
  12. too many people in here like to argue,so if i was you i wouldnt even talk about it on here,cause no one in here belives anything anyone else says unless it actually their car doing it.. ive had the same problem just ignore all them know it alls in here
  13. Cool, i would love to see that. Be sure to take a small vid of your idle.
  14. :lol: I agree...
  15. Its hard to believe when youve been around this game for a while, as well as countless other, and have seen MANY GTs run, and seen MANY posts on Ets/trap vs mods vs dyno data. This is not just "not typical", it does NOT happen....or should I say, its never happened lol. Newb.....(97)
  16. Here's a teaser of a previous video... Video

    Both races from 30 to 110 mph...

    Civic mods: H22A, chip, full exhaust, alot of weight reduction, intake... A 104.X mph car.

    SRT-4 mods: Stage II, full exhaust, mbc @ 21-22 PSI... A 107+ mph car.

    The SRT-4 owner has no problem with stock LS1 powered cars...
  17. dang that mustang is pretty quick,them srt4 with the turbo upgrade are pretty quick i thought
  18. Just watched vid, and good job...but unfortunatly im at work so no sound lol. Look, im not saying that your car isnt that fast, what im saying is that your car isnt that fast with those mods listed, simple as that. This has happened before, where a guy wont list all the mods and tried to pass of insane times and RWHP #s with only boltons. (280RWHP aND LOW 13S @ 105-106) I called BS, and he stuck to his story (know this guy personally) 100%. Now he is getting a different setup, and finally admitted that he had cams...where before he specifically told me that cams sucked and we worthless and he didnt have any. Im not saying that you are doing this, but there is more than boltons on that GT...which the previous owner could have very well done (ported heads, custom cams...some people are headwork buffs and will do those things first). And can I ask what RPM your shifting at? Please dont take my BS calling personally lol, but you have to understand where im coming from. That stg 2 for example has approx 260+RWHP and 300RWTQ and is a few hundered lbs lighter than you....IMO if you get your car dynoed you will be looking at 290ish RWHP. DO that and that will put everything to rest.
  19. i simply think your full of **** -- I wont sugar coat it... vid shows nothing except you street race which is even more stupid then me arguing with you about your times. my guess is your 18 yrs old and just want people to see your video and tell you how big your nuts are now because u have a mustang ....
  20. A 12.96 in that car is 100% excellent driver! Good job :nice: