Back from the track... And now in the 12 sec club!

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  1. Well I'll say it good times.
    BTW I broke into the 12's, with just boltons.
    I swear of course some of those bolts are in the trunk.
  2. Hey guys come down ... I've raced at this track a couple of times and I managed to trap at 102.1 with Magnaflow and BBK CAI in a 2002 GT. I think I'll be touching 13 by the end of the season on street tires so I believe him.

    The O/R mid-pipe, chip and slicks could lend him to 107. I don't have his traction, I can't power shift in second without slipping, and I can make 102 MPH.
  3. Trap is a bit high ... definitely an impressive time considering the 'mods'.

    Stock suspension? That's gotta be a really soft setup.
  4. Guys, i know Xcessiv in real life and he is for real, thrust me.
    I think he has vids of his 12s performance aswell.
    Stop the lame bashing, he's an impressive driver.
  5. :canada:

    Yes, I have vids of all my runs:

    12.962 @ 107.1 mph
    12.966 @ 106.8 mph
    13.009 @ 107.3 mph
    13.015 @ 107.0 mph
    13.060 @ 107.2 mph
    13.133 @ 105.5 mph (one passenger)
    13.150 @ 106.6 mph (first test run)

    They should be online within the next week.
  6. I don't want to argue or flame....too old for that crap. All I can do is compare his story to my real world experience with my car. I'm running a roots blower with cams, albiet on a NPI motor, and I trap right at 107. Isn't trap speed a loose barometer of horsepower output? I don't care about the 60' cause those slicks are helping his ET bigtime. My et is 13.0 on street radials.

    Sorry, I gotta call :bs: I would just have to be there to see it. :shrug:
  7. I am 107 on a 125 shot......
  8. Thou guys shall see.
  9. Everone thinks I dont believe that he is trapping 107...go ahead host the vids, I think your doing it.(definatly love to see it) But the ? here is mods, thats the deal. I would have to add another 10RWHP just to be equal with you lol(correct trap for me is 106...but I have 280ish RWHP). I think you have mild cams...thats all it would take for you to run with that SRT-4 and to beat alot of auto LS1s, AND to trap 107 on slicks in good weather. I think you just dont know it lol. The argument is more over the mods, not over the ET/trap because he has provided a slip, as well as a decent vid of street races.

  10. Like I said, I know him in real life and that's his only mods. You'll hear it in the vids, there's no S\C or nitro shots in that. No cams at all, the idle is smooth.
    I'm not debating anymore, doesn't worth my time.
  11. i cant comment untill i see video!!! when is it gonna be up??
  12. ive never met a bolt-on GT that trapped over 105mph... u def need cams and full exhaust.... im sorry many but either u didnt trap 107mph or u left out cams and headers
  13. Im going to compile a little list of people with their member pages, to show you guys what it takes to trap 107.




    Lazer Red 99 GT




    Surly all these guys cant drive lol. Only one doesnt have cams, and more often then not those guys like that pull ALOT of weight....and you see he still has ALOT more stuff than you. See guys, THATs why I am saying what i am saying.
  14. Don't forget me w/ a 125 shot of nitrous
  15. No problem guys, I'll post all the videos as soon as possible:
    - The Mustang idling
    - All my runs

  16. Awsome, and thanks for being cool man. Again, i hope you undestand were we are coming from. I am not trying to be a butt or anything lol....oh and MGstang with his 125 shot LOL. Brandon, are you on MD? i didnt see your members page? PM me a link and I will put it up there too.
  17. Modular Depot?
  18. Yea, you have a members page on MD? Its easy to do....create one and PM me the link. Be sure to include your ET in "my ets" and check the box to share with your members page.
  19. someone that lives near you needs to look and examine the car himself and come back an tell us what you have done to your car... whether it be cams, more power mods, weight saving, etc.... no one is going to believe your video... it will prove nothing... 107mph with those mods are impossible with full weight
  20. good times even for canada!