Back from the track... And now in the 12 sec club!

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  1. well other than the temps, you're about as close to sea level as anyone or below. You think that air in Canada will give you that 10 extra mph? :shrug: I don't either. This is probably close to his hp numbers as well.
  2. Hmmmm, I'm not trapping higher than F-bodys. They usually run 107-108 around here, which is way faster than me. There's one race against a 2002 Camaro SS where I started reeling him in past the 1/8 mile. Couldn't believe it myself so I talked with the guy afterwards and asked him if he missed a shift. Told me his car was automatic and that he gave everything. I was shocked !! I'm often ahead at the 1/8 mile but definitely NOT at the end of the 1/4. Anyway, managed my personal best trap speed of 105.3mph on that run, believe it or not ;)

    For the record, I'm always running my stock 16" wheels and 215 tires at the track. Compared to my 18" and 275+ tires, I gain 0.3s and 3mph. I've never tried 17" and 245 so I don't know exactly the difference it would make but I bet it's worth a tenth and 1mph.
  3. Ok, that sounds about right. thats what they do here...about. This whole thing is blowing my mind though lol. I already said everything I can....just waitin on the vids. So you agin.03 and 3MPH with 18s? Or you loose that?
  4. I lose 0.3 NOT 0.03 and 3mph, that's right. Keep in mind I'm running 295 rears and 275 fronts. The increased rotational mass really hurts performance. I bet going from 17" to 16" would be worth a tenth and 1mph. They say 10lbs of rotational mass is worth about 80lbs of dead weight.

    Let me know if you want a vid of my 13.51 run, I bought a capture card today so I can convert my old VHS tapes and show the world :lol:
  5. yea, i bought a video capture card with software monday...All I need is more ram now.
  6. If it's not the crappy provided software, my 1.2GHz Athlon / 512 MB RAM is not cutting it. Framerate sucks as soon as I want increased quality. What software are you using ?
  7. I bought the whole package, and its Pinnacle...honestly I dont know how good it is because I dont have the ram to instal the program lol. As we speek I am trying to buy a stick of 512. + the 128 stick thats in there, it should be plenty.(1.5 GHz) What setup did you buy? I just hope my PC will do the job lol.
  8. bought the cheapest trouble free card I could find, AVerMedia. Finally got rid of my framerate problem, was not computer related. File plays great in DVD reading software (WinDVD) but not in Windows Media Player (image is way too narrow). Currently browsing AfterDawn forums to find a solution.
  9. I didn't read all the posts but I for one do not believe the trap speed with those mods under any conditions. Not tormenting you, it's just that I don't believe it. :shrug:

    One poster made an estimate of needing at minimum 290rwhp to have pulled that off. I concur.
  10. WinDVD? I installed a DVD drive that i got from a friend and it shows up as drive E: but it wont play anything. :shrug: It doesnt give a play option and media player doesnt even recognoze any of my music CDs when in that drive, nor does it do anything when a DVD is put in. Drive E: in my computer just gives a list of options that wont really do anything. So I assume I need this windvd...where can i download it if you dont mind? And Mrvax, that was me :D
  11. Actually ... what track was this ? Based on the timeslip ... looks like like a basic jobber with the temporary tree / timing lights ... perhaps it's a bit downhill?

  12. hotmustang331, you got a PM ! :nice:
  13. I didn't look back through, but do you have any other timeslips or timeslips fom friends that ran the same night? Also do they ever give mph in 1/8 or is something wrong?
  14. Ho BTW, he pulled about 1 carlenght on my 4th to 5th shift because of our ****ty gearing with a 4.10. As soon as I fell back in my powerband, he stayed right there until 130 mph.
  15. take that stuff to the track so you will be around to post.
  16. People asked me a proof of my GT beating a LS1 above 30 mph, do they allow roll-ons at the track? ;)

    Anyway, I'm not a gangsta street racer... This was filmed on an empty highway very late.
  17. Xcessive, no one here believes your car can run the times you say with the mods you have told us have been done. You havent posted anything to support your claims, just rambling on about how special your car is compared to the rest of ours.
    So heres your options... post a video at the track and then we will all bow or head or stfu and accept the fact that you will be labeled as full of BS.

    the vid of the camaro and you is a joke... was he racing? TBFH it looks like a race vs a V6.
  18. The Camaro WAS racing, it's a LS1. Would a "cruising LS1" or a V6 stay 3 carlenghts behind at 130 mph? Would it accelerate from 30 to 130 mph in about 20 seconds? I don't think so. We raced several times with the same result.

    My 12 seconds run, as I sais we don't see ****...
    My run against a not stock Firebird, again we don't see the panel because of the sun.

    There are several witnesses of my 12 seconds runs.

    A clearer race at the very beginning of the season with a Predator in "stock Predator tune". I was driving the car since less than a month and didn't shifth that well. My clutch diffs were so worn that I didn't notice the 1 wheel burnouts, so my 60 fts were in the 2.0X seconds range that day. Better weather, the 1.80 60 fts, the tuned Predator and better driving gave a 0.3 seconds and 2.3 mph improvement.

    A video of my car idling & reving, it sounds like any 4.6L with Flowmasters and a MAC OR h-pipe.

    Have a good day. :shrug: :nice: