Back from the track... And now in the 12 sec club!

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  1. Springs = stiff as he|| Sportlines... No drag suspension.
    No weight saving, I even had a helmet and a great lunch in the car.

  2. :canada: Canadien Punked? Ashton you on here? :canada:
  3. Well, i ve been through the entire thread.
    I m running at the same track every week.
    I ve met regular and credible people at the track who witnessed his runs.

    He did thoses times!!!!
  4. either you have a mild cam that you cant really hear... or you have worked heads

    bottom line... you didnt run 107mph traps with just those mods.. im sorry but you are just gonna have to believe that... or you took 300 lbs off your car and you are lying about that
  5. from that f-body video, you car sounds NOTHING like a mid pipe and geared 4.6. It revving up a hell of a lot faster and is louder. THe previous owner could have slapped on some ported heads and you wouldnt even know about it.

    what are your plugs gapped at?
    what was your a/f curve?
    do you know your base timing?
  6. I didn't change the plugs since I bought the car about 4000 miles ago. :bang:

    There wasn't any a/f curve when I played with the Predator, I was actually just reading the peak value with a wideband sensor. :nonono:

    Unknown base timing.

    I'm a brand spanking newbie in the Stang & mods world. :(
  7. See, I told you LOL. The car has some unknown work done. I think a simple set up P&Pd heads would let you trap that high. The guy that just posted has more mods but an auto and is trapping 102. this is very possable due to weather up there. Then your car could possably trap 103s. Add some P&Pd heads, light rear tires, and bingo, 107 trapps. Like I said, some people are really into changing heads first. I think if I took my stang up in that weather it would trap 107-108 easy after the LTs. My correced for sea lv trap was 106.3, so you guys can EASILY see - D.A. in 55* weather.
  8. I just trapped 103.031 mph at that same track this week with a very strong tail wind. Usually trap 101-102 their.
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    BTW, your car look awesome. :hail2:

    See you at the track!
  10. How can I find out?
  11. lol, as far as i know, there is could always call the previous owner.
  12. Dyno...

  13. Thanks, problem is my pig doesn't trap 107 :D .
  14. I'm also a beginner in Drag racing but I don't think even on a floating track that florida gets a Density Altitude close to sea level. :rolleyes:

    We often get DA around 100' in september at this track and even DA below sea level during october.

  15. I know this guy in real life and all his statement are 100% TRUE
  16. X2.. That's the only way you're going to end the doubt.

    Great time's btw..

    Edit.. BTW, where are you shifting? Looking for some tips! :nice:
  17. Thanks!

    I'm shifthing at 6K RPM in all gears... I tested some RPM ranges and it really likes to breath.
  18. Wish I could make a few passes in Canada. :(
  19. i know one car that was tuned for just bolt ons and stock susp/weight type setup. His car trapped 107 with
    a billion dyno pulls/tuning
    bogarts up front
    and ran regular street tires out back
    ON stock gears he went 12.9(without the headers) with 265rwhp or so and with a 1.8 something 60'. HE shifted at 5500 rpms which is the only way to get a stock cammed/headed gt to trap at its potential.

    now with h/c more gear and slicks it runs 113, so I KNOW he didnt have cams before

    maybe something else im forgetting.

    without weight reduction or more mods and -2000' DA's, a 2v is not trapping that high.

    now for a car with midpipe/cb/gears/cai to trap the same as his car with every single bolt on...dont think so, I'd have to see it to believe it....especially with my experience with these cars

    gts with all of the boltons(lontubes) usually put down withing 5-10rwhp as one with the 3 basic mods of midpipe/tune/gears. The difference at the track comes from that power under the curve gained by pullies/plenum tb/ longtubes.

  20. If your car likes to breath then it most definitely has some form of head work done. Stock 2v heads have a horrible case of asthma that kicks in @ higher revs.

    Great times btw, my goal is to (somehow) get my car into the 12s :hail2: