Back from the track... And now in the 12 sec club!

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  1. In the vid showing a race against my friend's LS1, I'm shifthing à 6000-6100 RPM and there's no sign of asthma.

    I may have some minor head work, explaining the high trap speed... But still, the car is stockish. :spot: :D

  2. I'm trapping at 111-112 with bolt ons..... and thats in my heavy a$$ vert.... I do consider my KB to be bolt on bc thats what I did.. bolted it on...

    I had a bunch of passes where I could not get traction with my street tires and I kept on trapping @ 108 (2.2 60's)... that was in 90+* weather though...

    I do have a hard time seeing his car being stock bolt on..... unless you think ported heads are bolt ons....
  3. :rlaugh: .... 60 degrees... 15ft above sea level... low humidity... still havent seen a bolt-on GT run anywhere close to 105mph.... some with more mods then you guys claiming 105-107mph... some with cams not trappin 105 as well...

    get over it... 99% of GT's wont see 105mph with all the bolt-ons in the world
  4. Exactly...there is always a freak car that someone "knows" about, but there is no way to know how much weight was removed, weather, and exact mods.
  5. I call complete utter BS. There is zero chance your car could run that without serious mods.
  6. That is AWESOME. I wish my putty little stang would run that. Hell! I run a 9.84 in the 1/8th. I'm embarrassed.
  7. just bolt ons will do it. another one of my friends went [email protected] with a 1.8 60' on street tires with stock manifolds/prochamber/pullies/plenum and tb/3.73s/cai/diablo tune in his 2001gt

    he had eibachs and lcas as well. maybe a couple of little other things that are insignificant
  8. ive read this whole thread. yes the guy has a fast time, maybe he has head work that he can't tell because he is not sure. i think either way if he is running thats awesome. canada has some damn good weather for it. it does seem pretty damn low time for jsut those mods though..but then again aren't their people who say they run 13.2 or so with the same thing..thats not too far from 12.96...that trap speed is damn high though. either way im just going to keep reading this to see waht you all say.
  9. So I take it that his car was quite abit faster than yours? Ever street race? Or line up at the track? He should pass you pretty quick at the end.
    All im saying is that if everyone were to line up at the track, those with simular mods would all run the they have trapp 120 or 95 at different tracks on different days.
  10. dont think i understand what you are stating or asking.
  11. Hmm? His car runs 12.9s @ 106 and yours does 12.9 @ 103. Was his car faster than yours or was it just the weather that let him trap 106?
  12. faster, my car was only good for 104mph tops. maybe tuned it could have trapped higher though. I always had guys creeping up on me at the top of the track when we would race. damn 200lb disadvantage :mad:
  13. do any of the slips show mph at 330, 1/8 AND 1000FT?
  14. Nope... :damnit:
  15. I live in north florida and have trapped 104.4 with K&N, midpipe, catback, short shifter, pullies, and removing the bottle. You have less and are trapping 3 mph higher? That is hard to believe, seeings as how my car is stronger then most around here plus you have gears. With the gears I can see the better et, but not a higher trap speed. If anything gears will make slow trap a little (feel free to correct me). 1 mph more then me I could see, but you must have had hurricane force tail winds to help you out.
  16. Let's suppose that my Stang traps below 104 mph... Wouldn't I get spanked by Stage II SRT-4s and LS1s?

    Here's a new video, fresh from last night. The oponent car was a 290 awhp STI (yes, whp... About 355 crank hp). Hid mods:
    - Cobb AccessPort stage 2
    - Custom tune which keeps 17.5 PSI until redline (vs 12 with the base tune)
    - Catless setup
    - Other goodies

    The car runs 12.6-12.7 @ 107-108 mph... And he used his IC sprayer in 4th-5th gears durain the races. Shouldn't I get spanked with a 102-103 mph Stang?

    Enjoy the video!
  17. Turbo cars are going to have a lot harder time then an na car with higher elevation. But congratulations regardless, a 12 second car is a 12 second car.
  18. street racing, from a roll as well. What does this prove? Is there a car at the track that traps around 106-107 with a high 12 ET? Video a race with that car , at the track.
  19. This buy brings videos and timeslips and you guys still don't believe him ?
    You guys are pathetic...
  20. One word ... Density Altitude, well ... two ... :D

    You would probably trap much higher here in Canada with a DA close or even under seal level.