Back from the track... And now in the 12 sec club!

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  1. i believe his times. just not the mods on the car got him there at full weight. I have been drag racing 2v's for a few years now and have friends that have put every combo together with boltons. DA better have been-5000' if you are going to use that one
  2. If DA is what is going on, then why don't the LS1s trap 111-115?
    What video? bring a video of race at track showing the slips and results. I believe the times, and some of the trap speeds. Why are these cars so much faster than the F bodies and turbos in that area. Everyone should be seeing an increase. The DA there does not just allow Mustangs with Mod motors trap faster.
  3. I don’t know what’s wrong with you guys, I believe his barley modded GT does a high 12 @ 107 and here is why.... You have to understand that the Canadian air has 3 times the oxygen than the air in the states, and as it enters the combustion chamber it automatically compresses itself and give you boost equal to about 100whp. If I went up to a track in the great white north I would be in the 11's with my mods for sure. I don't know why you don't believe him.
    P.S. He also forgot to mention that the track goes downhill at a 25% grade.
  4. The problem is he is traping higher speeds than the LS1's with no mods. :shrug:
  5. A bone stock LS1 dynos at 311whp. It will walk all over a GT with exhaust, gears and a chip. Just like you have to convert the American dollar to the Canadian dollar, you have to take the the track time you get in Canada and subtract 10% :canada: :bs:
  6. WOW this is one hell of a flame fest.. guess i missed a lot

    congrats on getting into the 12's that is excellent driving..

    that trap is high for your mods.. you must have some other work done..
  7. Hi everyone !! I'm a friend of Xcessiv....He spoke me that there were somes who doesn't trust him about his mods..... :rlaugh:

    I was in the STI in the video....I can say I was surprise and the driver of the STi too because the stang was getting us. I know this guy and I could not understand why he would have fun to told you some false mods. You will need to accept it. Me too, I have difficulty to understand who can he do this but I need to accept. I'm really not sure a friend would not say the true mods about his car. And I would like to say something else, I saw him at the dragway and wow !!! This guy really know his car and who to drive it. When you see a reaction time of .005 (I'm not sure...can you valid Xcessiv), he knows how to drive !!!! :nice:
  8. I know how to drive, probably better than xcessiv since my heavier vert was cutting just as good of 60's on drag radials, but it doesnt give my car a magical hp bump. I dont think anyone is doubting he ran the times....just the mod list, and for good reason
  9. Thats nice but your answer is a dance around the Question we have The problem is he is traping higher speeds than the LS1's with no mods. If LS1 are running traps of 103 104 MPH its :bs: or he has more motor than he is admitting. Slicks, 410's in the twelves with a 98 to 101 mph trap speed with cold air and perfect conditions I can grasp. 107 :nono:

  10. LOL you were grinding gears left right and center.. well that dissolves the myth that it was great driving that made you do trap 12's @ 107 in a stock GT !

    Face it, we all know you are full of crap and obvisouly have some mods your not telling us about.

  11. Ok thanks alot MR 1 POST

    We believe you and with the evidence you've provided of course we'd all be hitting 12's in stock NA Mustangs if we knew how to drive properly..

    Question.. does it give you added kick when you grind through gears when shifting ??
  12. Wow!!! I really don't understang why you put so much interest. I doesn't understand why a friend would hide me his modifications. One thing I thought is that his car is an accident rebuilt so it could be the fact that the car had cams changed that Xcessiv never known. Well, I think some of you have been done to much by searching why he runs 12.9 with a N/A stang. I read all the topic and WOW ! you have very special reactionl just for a stupid list of mods....

    And MR. 4 POST, I let you know that we need to start at somewhere and now, I have only 2 post less than you. Keep mind of this....
  13. Speedshifthing isn't always a success story... Running 12 seconds with a bolt ons GT requires more than your slow shifthing. ;)
  14. I was going easy on the stock differential... I could have dumped at 6000 RPM but I wanted to come back home by myself.
  15. Thanks! :hail2: It's funny to see how people who have no clue about you and track conditions like to bash on evrerything. Anyway...

    You're right, reaction times at Sanair were in the 0.005-0.007 seconds range. At Napi, I prefered to concentrate on the launches themselves.
  16. my best 60's were at 4500-5k dumps

    building the revs and dumping
  17. I was also launching in this range.

    Keep in mind that this was my second experience ever at the 1/4 mile dragway. I still need some practice to get the best launches & times out of my car.
  18. im aware,

    my stock diff gave out after about 150 or so slick passes down the track btw
  19. you can cut .000 lights and it still doesn't make our ET or MPH faster. The car has more done to it than he knows or is telling. I said before as others also, If it is just the track conditions and DA then the F bodies would be trapping equally faster. Even if the track runs at a 40 deg slope, all cars would increase.
    Also, Street racing from a roll doesn't tell crap. Street racing period is stupid. :D