Back In A Mustang Again!

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  1. Hello all, long time no see.
    Just wanted to share my latest adventure. Just picked up my first SN95 car, after owning a slew of foxes and 1 New Edge.
    This car is a roller, just bought it this morning and waiting on it to ship!
    My red coupe build crashed and burned when I lost my garage access. But I'm back in action with a new garage of my own and so happy to be building something again!
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    It's a 98 GT with cobra bumpers and a R hood. Full suspension, built rear, full interior (minus the back seat), with a 6pt. Various odds and ends from when it was a turbo 5.4 car.
    I'm beyond excited for it to arrive and to have yet another mustang.
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  2. I have always "missed" being in a mustang when I've gravitated towards another project. Congrats on your "new" purchase! What's your plan for motivation in this build?
  3. Glad to see you back mayne
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  4. Looks good, looking forward to build pics!
  5. I've got all the motivation in the world this time around. I saved up most of the funds for the project ahead of the time so I could really get some steam behind it. Just wanting a street car I can have some fun in!
    Don't know that there will be build pics, this forum (as much as I love it) bleeds a little too blue for my build.
  6. Apparently you haven't been following Hoopty's build. Lol. Not my first choice of motor, but I think we can handle it. Nice platform to start with!

  7. I'll have to check it out. I'm not in it to ruffle feathers but at the same time I'm not too worried about the purist revolt.
    It's not like it's never been done but I think it goes outside anything I've done before. It has an end goal of being
    a street driven 9 second car, but I'm taking baby steps. It'll be built as a I\C 11 second car with a smallish shot on it while I'll be using Holley EFI live and tuning a car completely by myself for the first time. I know I've said it before, I love the process far more than the results.
  8. I think hoopty has the same goal. Single turbo maybe? The cool thing about his build is he is trying to keep the entire build under $10k.

  9. Mines a budget build with a pretty loose budgets. There's a few corners to cut to save a fortune and I'm just not willing to (not that he is). The a Holley systems a big expense. As well as the rebuild I'm kind of overdoing initially. I'm building the car to be ready for a turbo that it won't initially have.
    I'm all for the guys who just strap in a 5.3/6.0 and let it eat boost though ;)
  10. My name is Collin and I approve of this build.

    I see you have a truck engine, which one? I have an LQ4. I should be digging my thread up soon and getting it rolling again. Had a pause to do some more house remodeling.
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  11. This is an LM7. I like the 6.0's a lot but for my plans a 5.3 is gonna work just fine.
    Had to dig a little bit to find your thread but I read through it. :nice:

    Hopefully my roller will be here in the next week or so and I can tear into it.
    It just got it's turbo 5.4/400 pulled out yesterday.
  12. soooo..... where are ya at with this project?????
  13. nice to see you back in the saddle enjoy your new ride
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  14. Had a build thread going but it didn't have much interest
    Went with an LQ4 and an FTI TH400.
    Currently the motor and transmission are in the car and the exhaust is finished. Car has been converted to manual brakes and steering. I wrapped up the cooling system the other day and got the car back on the ground. Waiting on my fabbed valve covers and the engine will be 99% finished. Just designed my fuel system last night and have tried to map out some of my wiring for the rest of the car.
    I'm essentially waiting on a fuel pump, driveshaft, throttle body and my ECU and the car will drive.
    Made a lot of progress really quickly so ive kinda tapped the brakes to deal with some other things.
    image.jpg image.jpg
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  15. Bought some touch up supplies to try and temporarily fix the paint flaws. It's not gonna be a pro job by any means but I'm hoping it'll make me feel better until I can get the car an actual paint job.
    Cars got OEM cobra bumpers on it, but unfortunately they weren't repainted correctly and as the bumper flexed the paint pretty well fell off. I chased the flakes and pretty well stripped the top of the bumper. Front bumper needs some love as well as a couple peeling spots. We're all go, no show orientated but it's still been eating at me.
    I've got no experience with powdercoating wheels so I may just spray these anthracite to bring them back to life until I get the new wheels and tires.
  16. Engine bay looks good and clean. What headers did you end up with? Did you still run the Holley system? I am not even sure PSI or Speartech make a wiring harness for that type of intake system. I also fancied the Holley high rise fuel injection system.
    View attachment 117852

  17. Where is that thread. If I remember correctly didn't you have issues with the shipping company or something?
  18. Holley HP EFI with the LS1 harness is what I'm going to be using. The headers are some one-off custom built 1 7/8th to a 3.5 collector. but I had originally planned for a set of dynatechs. These were built around an AJE k and were a PITA to fit. image.jpg
    I was jacking around on my iPad cleaning up some redundant posts and goofed and I deleted the whole dang thing. Didn't seem to have much interest so I haven't hurried to put one back up. But yes, car was damaged in shipping. Wasnt too bad and insurance did nothing for me. Since then I ended up ditching the 5.3 and the stock th400 and the build kind of bounced around into what it is now. I'm still real excited about it, just trying to slow down a bit and do things right.
  19. Well, I may not post on here as much these days (too many people get bum hurt over someone elses comments that don't matter or opinions that don't matter) but I do lerp around to check on things. This (more your old thread) was one I was watching..... Don't ask why though, someone might get feelings hurt.
  20. Haha I hear ya there. I'll probably put one up again soon. Even if I don't get much feedback it's nice to share what you're working on. You doing an LS swap yourself?