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  1. I sold off my 05 GT about 6 years ago to buy a 4 door that I needed for work. Now That needs have changed - I just traded that car in on a Candy Red '13 V6 Premium loaded (nav, leather, etc..) with automatic trans (wife has to drive it too)...

    All I can say so far is WOW!!!!

    This little car rocks!!! And if you put it in a drag race with my 05 GT, that GT would probably be in the dust... For a V6, this little car has some serious nads!

    Anyway - pics later (promise)...
  2. Congrats, and welcome back! You can take the boy out of the Mustang, but you can never take the Mustang out of the boy! The new V6s are amazing. Awesome color choice too!
  3. nice pick on the color, myself in a 13' model it would have to be a GHIG
  4. I too bought a new Stang again,
    I had an 04 GT vert that I traded in for an 09 CTS.
    I went out yesterday and bought a 13 MCA Convertible in Sterling Gray.
    See my post for details
  5. Thanks guys.. I have a couple of pics now and will get them posted up tonight!

    Congratz on your new ride Ron!!!!
  6. Welcome back to the family. Also, for nomenclature clarification, I know the GT's '13 flavor of red is Race Red. Does that hold true for the V6 as well?
  7. Can't speak specifically to the GT, but I know the V6 was available in Candy Red, and the Shelby was available in both Candy Red and Race Red. I'm guessing it was the same for the GT and V6, that both reds were available. The local dealer had a CR V6 vert on the showroom floor. BEAUTIFUL car.

    Hard to tell if the OP's car is beautiful, since he hasn't posted any PICTURES!
  8. It's a stang. It's beautiful by default

    ...Unless you're that one 16-19 year old girl in the V6 who pulled up next to me at the light, on the phone, putting on lipgloss, only to drop it and flirt with her hair as soon as she saw me, who had a HUGE PAINT SPLATTER on her door.
  9. Congratulations on your purchase! Looking forward to pics!
  10. Welcome back and congrats. :cheers:
  11. Hi guys,


    It's Candy Metallic Red... The color is optional and at additional cost.
    Sorry for the crummy pics, but it was pretty dark and crappy outside at the time.







    Right now it's parked away for the winter as it would probably suck as a winter car out here in the country where I live now..

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