"Back in the day" 1988

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  1. I was only 9 but I remember this video. Just found it on youtube. It was also the year I got my first ride in a Mustang, a new at the time 1988 GT. I figured some of you may get a kick out of it. It's better than the Vanilla Ice video,lol.

    YouTube - Deep Purple - Hush: Video
  2. I wasn't even born yet! :shrug:
  3. I was 7....heard that song maybe once or twice before.

    I don't get the point of the video though. Where is the guy going? What does the chick have in the briefcase? This makes no sense. No wonder why music videos today are about bling bling cars and jew'ry....prob paid for by credit :(
  4. Haha weird. The driving scenes were pretty tame...
  5. awesome. never seen it before
  6. i was.....1!

  7. haha yeah that video made absolutely no sense. that's how my car came from the factory, black with the red stripe. and that car's rocking frankie's wheels! lol. 1988...i was 4 years old. my parents had a yellow 73 mach at that time. i thought it was the biggest, loudest car in the world! lol
  8. Never cared for them. Always reminded me of a 70's pot-metal band. :shrug:
  9. i was ten and i cant recall that song or vid, and my parents were in a local mustang club... that must have have been a one hit wonder.
  10. lol Thanks for posting. Not my kind of music but cool to see nonetheless. I'm sure the thing was bone stock and I'm STILL disppointed we didn't get to hear the car. :lol:

    I was 19 and had just gotten my first 5.0 (85 GT). 20 years later my love affair with the 5.0 continues. :D
  11. I would've been 8 turning 9, and at the time i was a mullet headed Camaro lover :doh:
  12. I was four lol love that song, even though that cover sucks. Classic Rock FTW!!!
  13. I was 14 in '88 and had just gotten my first Mustang. A ragged out non running 65 convertible.
  14. I just saw the commercial for the new Jaguar XF, and they are using "hush" in it. Anyways...
  15. Thank god. I was starting to feel like the oldest one in here. I was 16 in 1988.
  16. hey the dude in the deep purple vid is drivin my car!