Back in the Mustang fold again !!!!

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  1. I just couldn't resist the call of the 5.0 and I just picked up an 88 trunk. My last mustang was sold in 2006 after 2 yrs of assembling a 351W based carbed motor and a TKO 600. My wife doesn't even want to know how much was spent on all the new parts and I never even got a chance to fire it. Emissions hassles and the joy of a new child conspired to make me sell the car to a friend. I wanted a coupe this time after my first 3 were hatchbacks. I may have spent a little too much but the car appears solid and the speed density motor is bone stock. Car has gears and shorties with flow masters, but I think the prior owner just drove the car sporadically over the last 4 years and didn't really maintain it. I was glad the car survived the 200km ride home. Electrical issues galore, I think ground crappy ... wipers slow, signals slow, someone put cheap ass wiring and cable ends at battery. The car is white with white ponies on it. My son is 8 and I hope by the time he is old enough to drive car will be back in perfect mechanical condition and a full paint job will be applied. I want to convert to 5 bolt as I love the look of some of the ProStar or Bogart wheels. A small cowl hood and the correct stance will make it stand out.

    I will be searching on here for OEM interior pieces and some electrical items and I will share my old knowledge with new stangers.

    I have spent many a weekend at the dragstrip and my stock motor 91 hatch AOD went 12.10 all day long with shorty headers and 150hp NOS kit.

    I look forward to being on here again.


  2. Nice Notch!! Glad to have you back!
  3. Welcome to StangNet!
  4. Looks good. Lowering springs, or broken springs?