Back Lower Than Front

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  1. I put in some eibach pro springs in my 88 about 3 months ago. When looking at it from the side the back looks lower than the front. If I measure from fender to ground, the back is actually 1/8" higher. If I measure from the ground effect to the ground the back is 1/2" lower and it looks bad. I was wondering what everyone thinks about machining some spacers to go under the rear springs on the control arms? They would be made out of aluminum and be about 1/2" thick. Other than that, what else could I do to level it out other than buying new springs?

    Clay G.
  2. I have the same springs and the same problem. After a couple miles of use the front will lower a bit. But what I did notice yesterday, I removed my quad shocks since I have upper and lower controls and the back of the car is a bit higher now :shrug: .
  3. Well my springs have been in for a while so they arent going to get any lower. I also have new upper and lower control arms and have removed the quads.
  4. Cut the fronts! Just make sure you take the same amount out of both sides!

  5. I have the Eibach "drag-launch" kit and it's the same way but worse. The rear is a little lower than stock and the front is a good 2" higher. I've been told that's the way this kit should be, for weight transfer... although Eibach doesn't mention the height difference anywhere. I may end up cutting the front springs.
    In the past, I've used a cool product from Global West... exactly what you're talking about, an aluminum spacer. I used mine to fix the classic "drivers-side-lean" problem. Very nice machined pieces. here's the link... 79-98.htm#Rear spring perch spacers

    Hope this helps and good luck with it! :nice:
  6. ez fix

    My 88 was doing the same thing, so I took the cheap way out. Went to Autozone and got some spring isolators. You just take a 1/2 inch extension and twist them in between a coil in the spring. It raised the back end up about 1/2 - 3/4 inch and evened everything out. Cost no more than $.