Fox Back On The Road!

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  1. Back in June I started a project on my '88. Been working on it slowly as time and "money" permits.
    Finally Saturday we started it for the first time. Drove it for the first time yesterday.Wow it sure does run good!
    Here's what I have done since June:
    -Painted the wheels black, added the black wing.
    -Removed any and all decals, stripes from the exterior.
    -BBK Rear upper/lower control arms.
    -AFM stage 3 clutch, UPR billet quadrant and firewall adjuster, '04 Mustang GT clutch cable.
    -Huge SVE radiator
    -New water pump.
    -Holley Systemax upper/lower with 1/2" spacer.
    -Trick flow Stage 1 cam.
    -Edelbrock Performer RPM heads with 1.6 roller rockers.
    -New black Ford Racing plug wires.
    -Brake booster.
    -Timing chain,gears.
    -Kirbin Adjustable fp regulator.
    -Removed all emissions crap.
    Hopefully I'll get it tuned on the dyno in the next few days. I'll update here when that happens.
    It made 239rwhp/298rwtq before all this happened. It should make a few more now;)
    IMG_20130914_154541_773.jpg IMG_20130915_130359_547.jpg
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  2. That car is gorgeous. Sounds like a fun ride.
  3. not digging the chrome but ther rest sure is purdy
  4. very nice ride! Congrats on the hard work. Couple of questions. Are you not going to hook up the A/C? I'd replace that breather on the VC with a closed cap, as you are sucking in un-metered air, and if you have an E fan, swap out the stock alternator for a 130 amp 3g..
  5. Oh, I forgot to mention above that I also converted to MAF.
    - I actually added the breather to the valve cover because I'm no longer running a PCV. My tuner says the vented cap is fine. You ARE right though as I do need to remove the line running from there to the throttle body as it does create a vacuum leak with the vented cap when the throttle is open. Good Eye! I didn't catch that when I was assembling this thing.
    I have plans for a closed cap with oil catch can. Just haven't addressed that as of yet.
    - I've been running a Flexalite Extreme 185 fan for 8-10 years. So far no problems with the stock alternator.

    The A/C is hooked up. It just needs to be recharged since it was removed in the build process.
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  6. Yeah bud, ride out playa!!! :banana:
  7. Made another minor detail change yesterday. Removed the fog lights and painted the holes with Satin Trim black.

    I like it. May leave the lights out for awhile.
  8. I have the same hood... might I suggest hood pins? I've seen a few aftermarket hoods fly up and it ain't pretty.
  9. I don't like hood pins. I've owned this car for 25 years. That hood has been on it for 10 years. So far no mishaps.
    "Knock on wood"

    Not sayin it can't happen. I've seen some tore up fox's after the hood flew up. I once bought (and repaired) an '87 vert that the hood had flown up on the previous owner. It wasn't pretty.
  10. I wanna touch it's bathing suit area

    Like it.
  11. that engine bay is so clean :leghump:
  12. Thanks Guys.
    I want to say thanks to Mikestang63 for catching me in a little vacuum leak detail I missed with the vented vc cap and still using the factory line running from there to the Throttle body. I didn't think of that when I reinstalled that little line. It DOES allow unmetered air while under throttle.

    I just removed the factory line and capped the little hole/bung.

  13. Where do I send the bill? LOL

    Anytime Sir. Glad to help. God knows I need it from time to time.

    And thanks for using the words hole and bung in the same sentence. Double bonus points!
  14. In fact ...."It's soooo clean I'd eat a fried egg off that intake." :jaw:
  15. Awwww Schucks THANKS! Glad its noticeable. I take pride in paying attention to little details and having a clean engine bay.
  16. I would love to pay for mine to be done but carelessness abounds. Whats your secrect sauce btw??
  17. Update: Got to the dyno today for a tune. I was hoping for more but it made 285rwhp/314rwtq. Sure was a fun drive home! Saving for a power adder now. I really miss the power and feel of my supercharged SSC.
    Couple pics from today.
    IMG_20130926_162218_096.jpg IMG_20130926_182302_083-1.jpg
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  18. Same here. My engine bay is nasty dirty but I'm freakin terrified that I'll jack something up if I start spraying water around in there.
    The rest of my car is spotless...drives me nuts..:(
  19. What you need to do is go to work with a can of degreaser and some shop rags. Once you have the grease/oil off, get a can of cheap tire shine foam and drench the whole engine bay, then wipe it off. Don't get the "wet look" tire foam, just plain old cheap tire shine. It'll look too shiny at first but once the initial shine wears off a bit it'll have a clean "new" look to it. This is an old detailer trick I've used several times.
  20. Here's a before and after of my old Merkur engine bay that got the tire shine detail. I didn't even use degreaser, just sprayed everything with tire foam, let it sit for a few minutes, then wiped it clean. The foam does a great job lifting away dust and grime.