Fox Back On The Road!

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  1. Sweet. I'll have to give it a try..soon, very soon.:nice:
  2. Guys, Thanks for the complements on my engine bay. I've been told that I'm OCD.
    These days all my engine bay needs is a minor wipe down to detail and upkeep in between cruise ins and car shows. Admittedly it is a garage queen/nice day car. "very easy to maintain"
    As I mentioned before we bought it new and it was a daily driver for years before we retired it from that. Then I took it apart and restored it.
    Even as a DD I kept the engine bay as clean as possible. I regularly sprayed "Foamy"engine degreaser on it and blasted it with a pressure washer.
    You would be amazed what a pressure washer will do to a nasty engine bay. Simply put a ziplock bag over the distributor and coil and blast away. NO a pressure washer will NOT hurt it.
    For a real nasty bay it could take a couple or three applications to get it all cleaned up. But once you get it cleaned up then you can take the next week, month, couple months "your pace" and detail parts, repaint a few things, and in no time it will look great.
    It actually goes faster than you think because as you realize the results, the more you are motivated to do.

    Its an obsession. LOL
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  3. Wait, what happened to the SSC?!?
  4. I sold it back in June
  5. What gears i think i remeber you saying the car had 3.55, How did it like the cam drivability wise? And how big of a diff before and after the dyno as far as driveability?
  6. It has 3.73's. The car runs absolutely perfect. Before the tune, it was just a bunch of parts bolted together. The fuel pressure and timing always needs retuning after a HCI swap. Now it runs as good as it did when stock but with alot more power. And now I know that its safe to beat the hell out of it and not be concerned.

    Its amazing what an experienced tuner can do with an SCT chip and a dyno.
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  7. Update: Got more pieces of the puzzle today. Paxton/Novi 1000, UPR powerpipe, Anderson Mr.Freeze Methanol injection kit, 255lph high pressure pump, UPR smog pump eliminator pulley.
    I also got a deal on 60lb injectors and a matching Pro M 80mm MAF meter that I'll be picking up tomorrow.
    The fun is about to begin!;)
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  8. Making some slow progress on the supercharger install. Got busy at work so its taking longer than expected.

    Anyway, its getting close. Still need to cut the inner fender for and install the powerpipe, maf, discharge tube and bypass valve, belts, and billet pulley covers.
    Lastly install the meth injection kit and go to the dyno for tuning.
    Here's where I am as of last night. Trying for a new look (for me) this time around. Backing off from the bling and going for a more newer stock blackened look. There is still polished items to accent the blackened theme.
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  9. Jeeeeez this is taking forever. LOL
    Not much left to do. Just need to extend the MAF harness, install the fender liner, install the hood and cowl grill, cross my fingers and fire it up.

    Then off to the dyno for a tune.