Back seat removal

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  1. I was interested in those back seat deletes. But before I experimented with such, I wanted to see what the car looked like UNDER the seat. I saw pics on the yellow mustang registry site, and was interested in its storage capability.

    I want to be able to lift the bottom seat up, but cant. From what I heard, there are two latches on each side of the seat near the carpet. I have located these latches but still cant lift up. From a book I was told to take a flat screw driver and push down on the tabs. What tabs? what angle? down, or forward? I just kept stabing the latch forward and down and nothing happens. All I feel wiith my finger is something round.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Take the screwdriver horizontally and push down on the seat above the latch and then the screwdriver towards the rear of the car. This should release them.
  3. when I took mine out, you can just press in there with your finger. You'll feel a plastic tab.....there's 2, about 18" spacing apart and 10" from sides. I pushed my finger into the tab (towards rear of car) while lifting on that particular side of the seat......should come out
  4. Could someone please take a picture of the tab. I would really like to know what it looks like when not covered. I believe I know where the tabs are. By fingering it, you can easily tell if it is or not. I did everything you said, but still am unsuccessful. I basically put 100lbs pushing down on the seat. I jabbed that horizontal screwdriver so much, and push very hard on it in a foward motion, but still, nothing happened. I was just about ready to hammer the screw driver in. Sometimes it would seem that I was successful, but no, just slide the wrong direction.

    Theres this tiny area under it, between the carpet, feels like a flat plastic piece, and above that flat plastic piece is some more plastic futher down. I stuck the driver in both places, I just dont get it. It seems so easy for everyone else
  5. I'd take a picture of it, but mine has been discarded and I replaced the'll have to check with someone else. But when I did have mine, a screwdriver wasn't needed to get it out, nor would I want to use a screwdriver. I would think that a screwdriver would damage the plastic button.
  6. where do u get the rear seat deletes from then??
  7. Just about anywhere. You can get some on ebay, inexpensive, or for more money, higher quality. You can get them from the yellowmustangregistry site. You can get them from just about any vendor at mustang enthusiast events such as NMRA and Fun Ford Weekend. There businesses like Dallas Mustang, and others... ...or you can just make them yourself.

    I want to make mine myself because none of these vendors make them in red. 90% of them are black. I have red carpet, and want it to look more factory like, rather than mismatch. People like the rear seat deletes because if takes off weight from the car. I want them because I am admiring its storage possibilities.

    Oh, and for everyone else, I figured out where the buttons are. I managed to press one and make the button move in with just my finger... ...however, with that success... ...still am unable to lift up my seat.
  8. buttons on each side, .... after release the button just lift the seat, it will come out

    Just for your info, if you have aftermarket mufflers (dual), you car will be louder inside if you remove back seat.
  9. yeah yeah, the book told me that, and everyone else here has told me that. But for some unknown reason I still cant lift the freakin thing. I appreciate the help though.

    Am I not pressing the button in all the way? My finger hurts like hell each time I try. Do both buttons have to be pressed in before I lift? I just dont understand why in the world its so difficult. I mean, it just sounds so simple.
  10. I used screw driver to press the button all the way in. And no, you don't need to release both buttons at the same time. As long as you released both of'em you should be able to lift.
  11. the tabes are in the center of each seat opush tab and lift up...i have a charcoal rear seat delete if anyone is interested..i wanna leave my mach seats [email protected]