Back Space for 15X8 wheels on '70 Mustang

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  1. Recently bought a set of the American Racing "Torque Thrust D" wheels for my 1970 Mach 1 from a mustang shop in my area. I went with 15X7 for front and 15X8 1/2 for the rear - with 225mm front tires and 245s in the rear.

    I assumed that the wheels would have the correct back spacing (4 1/2) because it was a mustang vendor, for a mustang etc. but I believe what they sold me was the standard wheel which has a 3 3/4 back space. The rear tires stick out too far, just don't look right and rub on large bumps.

    I see that you can buy the Torque Thrusts wheels with a custom back space - I guess that is what I'll have to do...

    A couple questions...

    Any one else running these wheels on a '69 or '70 - did you spring for the "custom" wheels?
    How do I measure the back space on the wheels I have and will a 4 1/2 inch back space definitely work with these tires?

    Any help appreciated....
  2. Just found out that the Torque Thrust "D" is a one piece wheel with fixed back spacing (3.75")... The URL I posted is for a different, two piece wheel (still from American Racing)- it's slightly different with a polished lip - You can order that one with custom backspace...

    Wish I had known this before I bought the "D"s....


  3. Ya, I bougth American Racing S-200's.......same damn thing on my 67 coupe! Rubbs in back and front...changed out front tires to smaller size...ok now, but rear rubs over big bumps.

  4. Sorry to hear that guys. That is just piss poor product development in my opinion. If you decide to got to the Magnum 500's 15x8's they fit fine.
  5. I am looking at the same question. I am going to the pro stars though. So exactly what backspacing is needed then??
  6. Magnum 500 wheels


    Where can one buy a set of 15 x 8 Magnum 500 wheels??

    Thank you!
  7. Where can one buy a set of 15 x 8 Magnum 500 wheels??

    Check any good Mustang Supplier, but be ready to spend $.

  8. thanks for the post, I was strongly thinking of the same wheels for my Stang, would have run into the same problems.