SN95 Backseat Delete, Would Anybody Do One?

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  1. What do y'all think about the backseat deletes? I'm on the fence I kinda think it'd be cool Andy maybe help w uhpolstery costs but ah I dunno
  2. IMO depends on your application. I like more weight in the back cause my back end has no traction without it.
  3. I'm just cruisin' around
  4. Just had mine done on my '86 GT. It came out Way Better then I thought it would. I purchased the kit from KDezines then had it adapted to my car's interior with the cage in it. Here are some pics of it being installed:

  5. I'd be cageless
  6. i like blue tape
  7. It's on my list of things to do, just not where I want to spend $300+ at right now.

    I don't use my backseat, and i like the clean look.

  8. the weight you would save is minute. If you are just rolling around keep it.
  9. Blue Tape make it go Faster! LOL Tape was just used to protect the tubing on the cage and also the Mini-Tubs while the rear seat delete was being fitted. Also plan on painting or re-dying the interior panels .
  10. street car. nope
    street strip car? Just remove the seat before you go to the track.
    strip car? sure On my 85 hatch I made a home made one out of plywood and carpeting. Probably weighed as much as the rear seat now that I think about
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  11. Im gonna buy the Scott Rod kit once I get to that point
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  12. Kudos to you dude,..that looks great. That looks like at least 1/2" MDF, much does it weigh.
    (I mean I really wouldn't care if it weighed 75-100 lbs, looks 1000 times better than a raggedy missing seat w/no carpet under it.)

    I'm doing it to my 'Mont purely to house the subs, and amplifiers. I will make my own,..but right now,..kinda planning on it looking "like" a back seat.:nice:
  13. back seat isn't that heavy. Seat cushion, the two backs and the frame are maybe 50-75 lbs tops.

    I'd rather have my seat, than have that "racecar" look on a street-driven Mustang.

    I put an 01-04 SN95 leather rear seat in mine. It's pretty darn light
  14. mines only got a driver seat... but its also pretty much a race car
  15. Is it really that much? I didnt think it weighed that much when I took mine out! But extra weight is extra weight. Question is, how much weight would you be saving with a delete kit???
  16. I don't think it would have as much affect on cg cause the seats are close to the centerline. Its your call based on what you want. For a road car IMO its better off pulling weight from the front. Heads, hood, k-member and battery relocate.

    I have a subwoofer in the back so the back seats kind of hold it in place. I took it out one time and I didn't like how the car handled so it went right back in. For me I drive this car everyday, and a lot of 2 lane switchback roads where I am.

  17. Honestly, it probably weighs less than 50 pounds. It's also weight over the rear axle. If you could call any weight "good" it woud be weight on the rear to bring the car closer to 50/50.

    Thats why I always thought adding IRS had a benefit of the added weight at the rear of the car. Unless oyu are building a drag car, I'd rather have a heavier 50/50 over a lighter car with a 54/46 weight distribution