Digital Tuning Backup Tune for 2012 Mustang GT, Computer Code ZFK0


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Jan 11, 2018

I purchased a 2012 Mustang GT with the standard bolt ons and an SCT 3 Tuner. Among these boltons, the catalytic converter was deleted. After moving to Houston, I had a Hi-flow catted pipe welded in. However, after reloading the stock tune, I am unable to get the car running well, despite the cats and changing the O2 sensors to new with spacers added as well.

I am worried that for whichever reason, the actual tune that was on the tuner when I got it could have been non-stock despite the label.

Does anybody have a copy of their stock PCM tune for comuputer code ZFK0?

And/or, does anyone have a tune that worked for emissions for their 2012 mustang gt that could work for the following bolt ons?
  • Long Tube headers with high flow cats.
  • CAI
  • possibly upgraded injectors (not positive per previous owner)

I remember when I did similar work on my Ducati, fuel maps and tunes were often shared and data-[based. Not sure if the same is present here!
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