Backyard painting

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  1. cleaning up some parts for my boss's rail buggy. This is one of the tins that covers the engine, and my first time spraying a metallic paint. To my suprise it came out real nice, one little bug landed in each, but it was in a spot not easily seel :bang: I need to find somewhere better to paint than my back yard :D Heres a pic

  2. not bad........ were you purging the nozzle between sweeps with air...

  3. yes I did.. didnt know I was supposed to but I did it anyways
  4. looks pretty good, id love to learn to paint well
  5. looks pretty cool... if it wasn't illegal and fineable here, i'd try it
  6. Illegal? finable? where do you live. I'd be in Jail, I paint all the time in my garage. AAAH f it.
  7. What I'm doing is probably illegal, but who's going to know? My neighbors dont care. When I go to paint something bigger, the fumes will make them not car then :) Heres the final piece, as far as I know, that I painted for him. Another damn bug landed in it... Its always just one :bang:

  8. He lives in California...

    Soon enough, you're going to be fined for farting in public. :damnit: