Bad drone with Magnaflow and DrGas, what should I get?

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  1. Bad drone with Magnaflow and DrGas, what should I get? :shrug:

    First of all, I want to say that over all, I LOVE the sound of the two together. Man, when you rev that thing, it’s fairly tame sounding till about 3.5k RPM then it just roars! When I pull up to a ricer and rev the engine, they won’t even look me in the face. (Maybe it’s the wine of the supercharger)

    The bad part though (IMO) is that at about 2k – 2.5k RPM on the Interstate, it’s got this really loud drone sound. You have to open the window to be able to stand it. It’s funny, if I drop it into 4th and go up to about 3k+ it sounds fine. Hehe, at least on the good side, it got rid of my wind noise problem, I can’t even hear it anymore!

    If this were not my daily driver, I’d leave it the way it is. BUT, I drive it quite a bit. I drove two hours on the Interstate this weekend and wanted to blow my brains out. :bang:

    Ok, I’ve got a Magnaflow Catback, DrGas Offroad X Pipe. I’m guessing the DrGas is probably causing most of the sound “Issues”. Also, it’s a convertible and I really don’t want it “that” loud.

    I talked to a guy that said that the drone might be because the magnaflow is a straight through muffler and to try Flowmasters. His opinion was that it would not have the drone.

    I like the performance benefits of the DrGas, I just have to come up with a combo that won’t kill me!

    I know this was a long post, but please help!!!

  2. its because you have a convertable. The dr. gas and magnaflow combos that i have heard don't drone much at all, and far less than my prochamber/magnaflow combo.

    almost anything is going to drone, ESPECIALLY flowmasters.
  3. flowmasters will have more drone than magnaflow. :nice:

    try a magnaflow catted x-pipe instead.
  4. i'm sure you can find someone to take the dr. gas off your hands :D

  5. Yep, sorry for the bad news, but that's the trade off. With an aftermarket mid-pipe the drone is even louder. If you don't like the magnaflow drone, you will REALLY hate the drone from flowmasters...especially with your set up. Personally, I love my set up and dig the drone and my commute is about an hour each way. Its just a matter of personal preference.

    I'd either go back to the stock mid-pipe with the magnaflows or swap a pair of stock mufflers in and keep the Dr. Gas.
  6. Boo hoo!

    Turn your radio up! :D
  7. Funny,all 30 plus cars I've done with Dr.gas and Flows have NO drone...None,zero,zip..I do that combo almost weekly...People are amazed there is no drone with the combo.

    Jason,I thought of something..lets weld high flow cats in...You'll still get the sound /performance of the Dr.gas,but the cats will humble the drone.

  8. I have a similar problem with my set up spintech X pipe w/highflow cats (I believe made by dr gas??) and borla catback my drone is between 1900 and 2200 rpms both of our catback systems are supposed to be the quietest and may very well be. In your case do a search on drone and you will find 2 solutions
    a resonater that I believe is made by flowmaster that will fit and magnaflo has
    a streight through muffler that is longer than the one on your system that fits your system and according to the rep. from flowmaster since it's a straight through design you sacrafice nothing but sound meaning it's quieter. but no hp
    loss, unfortunately these wont fit my system so I either change my system or learn to live with it.

    P.S. I am supprised you haven't gotten all the reply's like I love my drone and you should to??????
  9. Have you tried baffles?
  10. Your dyno numbers are on the low side, I still have a stock exhaust and put down more power than that. Was this on a dyno jet or a mustang dyno? Sorry to get off topic, just a observation.
  11. 7 psi of boost.... thats all we saw on the data logger on the dyno..

  12. :stupid:

    Or even a trade? Bassani x pipe with cats :)
  13. I think the 3 best ideas would be (from cheapest to more expensive):

    1. Baffles from Bassani. These are inserted into your tips and will fit the Magnaflow tips.

    2. Add in some resonators. Not sure of the source, but I know SLP makes some that might work.

    3. Swap out your mufflers for the larger Magnaflows listed above. You could ask around, but something else that would kill the drone is to use a longer Magnaflow one side and keep the other one the same. The old Lincoln Mark VII's had slightly different size mufflers from side to side to quiet them down and this same idea should work on your 'Stang.

    BTW, I have a UPR o/r X-pipe and Magnaflow catback and I had absolutely ZERO drone until I went to 3.73's. Now there is just a hint of drone. Now my, Mac o/r H and Spintech combo....well, that was a different story :D

    Good luck!
  14. Hmmm... We have just about the same setup except I have long tubes and I don't have that much drone compared to most of the cars I've ridden in. I'm definitely the quitest of the 3 original guinea pigs(me with Magnaflows, tigerdog(Rod with Flowmasters), and mustnag03(Dave with Borla)) I believe you're going to have a tough time finding anything quieter than Magnaflows. One thing you can try is baffles. I have a set that I had on but they hurt my horsepower a bit so I took them off. They quieted the exhaust down on the highway....
  15. As said above, cats or baffles from bassani should help tame the drone.


    I'm curious... How much hp did the baffles cost you?
  16. You can't escape drone with any aftermarket exhaust, they all do it ... some just worse than others.

    no drone = stock exhaust ..... that's about the only way to eliminate it. I highly doubt you want to do that so learn to live with it. :D
  17. I don't know for sure. I was advised by Tim that they may hamper the exhaust flow which could hurt my numbers. I still have them in my garage but I don't use them. They did reduce the exhaust noise(including the drone), though.
  18. I have motorsport shorty headers (probably a waiste of time and money), Dr. Gas with no cats, and full Flowmaster set up from the X-pipe. I hear the cars exhaust note when I am cruising down the high way but no drone. I am assuming you mean drone to be a loud vibrating kinda sound at certain rpms. I also have a convertible. I would check all the connections and make sure something isnt a little loose causing the extra noise. My passenger side Tailpipe section was a little loose one time and it made funny sounds then. It sounded like it was rubbing the rear axle or something at certain rpms.
  19. I have a Dr. Gas O/R X and a Magnaflow catback and there is no drone at all. Cruising at 70mph (2300rpms) I can hardly even hear the exhaust. It must have something to do with being a convertible. Most people that ride in my car comment on how quiet it is until I romp on it.

    As previously stated, check all of your connections and make sure that nothing is rubbing. I did have a drone when I first put them on and it turned out that it was rubbing against the frame.

    BTW, if you don't want a drone DON'T get flowmasters!
  20. Get a louder stereo. :nice: