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  1. order tune up part worth of 200 dollar. I have problem with spark plug wire ford racing ( 2 month old ) , and I contact them today and they basicly turn me down right away, say they ford racing dont offer the warranty and they dont offer warranty either, long story short, they offer to give me 5% discount on next set of wire. Imma stick with latemodelrestoration from now on, reason I was order from Summit because summit have come color combo that LMR do not have.
  2. I dont see how you expect them to warranty something that the manufacturer doesnt :shrug:
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  3. The Ford racing wires are overpriced craps. I had a set and was not impressed.
  4. some place give 30 day or 90 day in house warranty. or free exchange... I think LMR doing better business
  5. And again,....I buy thousands of dollars worth of stuff from Summit, and I'll always use them. Those digital gauges that used to be in the red car?........bought two years before the red car was complete,...and because they didn't work properly, and Nordskog originally had a lifetime warranty, Summit replaced them at my original purchase price. On top of that, this was despite the fact that Nordskog went out of business when all of this happened.

    Summit +a bazillion.
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  6. And, dem summit bucks
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  7. Wait, the manufacturer of the product does not warranty the product, and you want Summit to eat it? Next time ask what the warranty is before you buy.

    I must have spend 20k with Summit over the years and never had a problem. Never. I just ordered another 800 worth of parts today. The rep even looked at the TFS 1 cam and said it was $10 cheaper last month and gave me the $10. He didn't have to. Plus you get the parts in a few days. A few years back I ordered some parts and one came damaged. Sat in my garage for a month before I opened the box to install. They took it back no questions asked.

    Go ask LMRS or any other vendor if you can return those wires. Then come back and tell us what they say.
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  8. mabe I meet a bad day for the customer support, he sound like mean. I say hi in the begining and he dont even say hi back. mabe he got a bad day . IDK. if you think about its, 35 dollar worth of wire is nothing compare to what the company get a day, 10k, 50k a day profit from summit. mabe the guy just have a bad day.

    LMR did send me an extra , RP gear oil for free, cause mine was leak out the box. they actually send me 2 bottle free with 2 day free shipping too.

    im not saying LMR is better, Im just saying I might get the bad day customer support.

  9. Reading your posts gave me a headache trying to get around the bad grammar.

    No offense.
  10. I dont care, every body had his/her own opinion experince on certain thing , for me summit is loosing my business, if your in good experience with them then keep using them, for me its done. Im not here to change your opinion, Im just here to tell my experience with summit.
  11. So what makes you think LMR isn't gonna say the same thing? Why are you expecting the vendor to warranty something? Its called a return period. Within that return period you can return the product or exchange it (terms and conditions apply.) If its past the return period they can decline your return. The vendor will put it on their invoices and all receipts. The manufacturer of the product warranties the product. The vendor does not have the responsibility to do so.
  12. what ever, I too tired to aggrument , u win
  13. You're trying to argue the fact that you want a vendor to warranty something that the manufacturer doesn't warranty. Plus you're probably out of the return and exchange period. Thats business.
  14. what the heck your problem bro, I say you win , chill out

    I say its might be my bad luck day to talk to a bad day customer support, he might have a bad day, I know he can honor the warranty, he just dont want too. Business is business but some time it ok to do something good for other, to made them happy. 40 dollar aint :poo:, for what summit made a day.

    I rather made some body happy then made myself happy, really that how I am.
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  15. I haven't messed w summit much since they were catalogs. I think mostly 'cause there website sucks. Here lately it's either late mod or American muscle and I'd have to say AM gets the majority due to sales tax w LMR. He don't even say hi back. What's w the summit bucks?
    Ps: Gotta eat it.
    Pss: take a time out for pudding Bill Cosby.
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  16. Theres no pudding in my fridge. :(
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  17. image.jpg 'Tis in mine
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  18. good golly zippitty boppity boo!
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  19. Bahaha well played
  20. I tried Ford Racing wires once, tbe cheap @ss boots fell apart in 2 months. Oriellys has life time wires that have worked real well for me, they fit tight too, min slop.